Welcome to our guide on how to measure your belt correctly.

If suspenders are not your style, these three options below will ensure your belt fits precisely to your waist measurements.

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How To Measure A Belt

Total Time: 5 min

Cost: $3.59

  • Buy your sewing measuring tape for $3.59


  • Sewing measuring tape
this is a photo of a sewing measuring tape to measure a belt

Take one of these three guides to get the perfect belt for your shorts, jeans, slacks, khakis, golf pants or dress pants.

The main number you want to remember is that your belt size is 2 inches larger than your waist measurement.

1. Find a belt that fits

Find a belt that fits. Generally, a belt fits you well when you can easily buckle it using the third hole in the belt.

This is a photo of a belt that fits to measure its size

2. Spread the belt out

Spread the belt out on a flat surface like a table or the floor. Lay it down so that the belt is completely flat and doesn’t have any bumps sticking out. 

This is a photo of spreading out a belt to measure it

3. Choose a measuring tape

Use a retractable measuring tape or a fabric measuring tape.

This is a photo of a measuring tape to measure a belt

4. Measure your belt

Measure from the base of the buckle prong to the center hole. If you don’t use the center hole, measure from the base of the buckle prong to the hole you use the most.

This is a photo of measuring a belt with a measuring tape

5. Use those numbers

The number (in inches) that you have for the measurement of the belt will be the size you use for ordering your new belt. 

How to measure a belt: quick tips

  • Take a belt that fits well – either one you already have or go to a clothing store and try on belts until you find one that fits the way you want it to.
  • When laying the belt flat make sure the belt is fully extended and doesn’t have any slack.
  • If the measurement number is 34 inches (86.4 cm), order a size 34 belt.

How To Measure A Belt Size By Waist

Total Time: 5 min

Cost: $3.59

  • Buy your sewing measuring tape for $3.59

1. Wear pants that fit well

Wear pants that fit well. Put on a pair of jeans or dress pants that you will wear frequently with a belt.

this is a photo of pants fitting well for measuring belt size

2. Use a sewing measuring tape

Use a sewing measuring tape. While you are wearing the pants, thread a fabric measuring tape through the belt loops of the pants. Pinch the two sides together where they meet in front. This number will be your normal waist measurement.

This is a photo of looping through measuring tape in your jean loops

3. Find your belt measurement

Find your belt measurement by reading the measurement in the mirror or mark the point where the two sides of the measuring tape meet with a safety pin. Remove the tape from the loops and read the measurement. Then, choose the belt size that’s 2 inches larger than your waist measurement.

This is a photo of reading the numbers for your belt size

4. Consult a universal size chart

Consult a universal size chart. Since many belts are sold by size (small, medium, large, etc.) rather than measurement, you may need to view a sizing chart that can help you determine the correct size. Men’s and women’s belts are typically sized differently.

How to measure a belt size by waist: quick tips

  • The pants should not be too loose or too tight so that you will be able to get an accurate measurement of your waist.
  • Always go up one inch from the measurement made on the tape.

Finding your belt size is only the first step in creating that perfect outfit. Make sure your pants fit your body type with our how to measure clothes ultimate guide.

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For a 32 inch waist you need to buy a belt size of 34.

For a 33 inch waist you will want to buy a belt size of 35.

A size 34 belt is 32 inches long.

Your belt size is two inches larger than your pant waist size. If you wear a 33″ trouser, buy a 35″ belt. Round up your waist size if it doesn’t land on a square number then add two inches for your belt measurement. Most belts have five holes.