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How to Ladder Lace Shoes: 5 Easy Steps!

Follow the 5 simple steps in order to properly ladder lace your shoes or boots.

How to Ladder Lace

Lacing up Shoes

Ladder lacing is a great lacing method to use on boots as it helps to keep the shoe tight from the toes, all the way up the ankle. Ladder lacing is one of the best lacing methods to use and can be completed in 5 steps. When ladder lacing is done correctly, the shoe laces will resemble a miniature ladder, which is how the method received its name.

This is How to Ladder Lace Shoes: 5 Easy Steps!

Ladder lacing is often used as the lacing method of choice when it comes to paramilitary boots. This lacing method helps to keep the boot fitting tight and snug from the toes, all the way up to the top of the shoe above the ankle. 

Ladder lacing is more complex than straight bar lacing, however, it is a better method to use when it comes to lacing boots. 

Continue reading below to learn how to properly ladder lace boots. 

How to Ladder Lace Shoes

Follow the steps below in order to properly ladder lace shoes. And dive into these other shoelace articles to help you keep your shoe game on point.

1. Thread the Bottom Eyelets

Begin by threading the lace through the bottom eyelets of the shoe. 

Go underneath to eyelets so that the lace comes outward on top. Pull the lace through and make sure the laces on the left and right side of the shoe are even

This is a photo of tall paul starting his ladder lace on his Nikes

2. Move Laces Upwards

Feed the laces through the next set of eyelets, going in through the top of the eyelet and ending on the inside. 

Thread the right shoe lace through the eyelet directly above the first eyelet, on the same side. Do not pull it tight, leave it somewhat loose for now. 

this is tall paul moving his laces up on his ladder lace

3. Take the Laces from Right to Left

Take the shoelaces across the shoe and place them through the gap underneath the opposite lace

Use your right lace to go straight across to the left. The lace should go underneath the left lace which bridges between the first two eyelets

Take the lace and run it along the outside of the shoe, up to the next eyelet, going from outside to inside. 

this is tall paul taking his laces from left to right on his ladder lace

4. Repeat Until Completion

Continue moving upwards to the next set of eyelets by repeating the previous two steps until you reach the top of the shoe

Repeat the entire process for the left lace as well. Take the left lace straight across to the right, and then thru the next eyelet above, going from outside to inside.

This is tall paul completing his ladder lace on his nikes

5. Finish and Tie Shoes

Once you have finished your ladder lacing you may tie your laces using the traditional method, or you may use another more creative way to tie the laces at the top of your shoe. 

How to Ladder Lace FAQ

Start at the bottom of the boot and feed the laces through the eyelets on each side from under to over and pull the laces even. After that, a series of vertical and horizontal moves must be repeated to perfection in order to properly ladder lace combat boots. 

Ladder lacing is a unique style of lacing shoes that is mostly used by individuals in the military and combat jobs. The laces are weaved vertically and horizontally, which gives the laces the appearance of a ladder, which is why the method is referred to as ladder lacing. 
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