Welcome to our article on how to keep the inside of your hoodie soft for years after your purchase.

Give me a better feeling than a brand new hoodie, I’ll wait…

… waiting…

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That’s correct; there is no better feeling!

Let me share the 9 steps needed to keep that feeling for years and years.

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How To Keep The Inside Of A Hoodie Soft

How To Keep The Inside Of A Hoodie Soft

After your hoodie is washed and dried, it is important to treat it carefully. These will help keep your hoodie soft, comfy and the perfect shape to wear long-term.

1. Don't wash after every wear

Hoodies are like sweatpants, joggers and jeans. They do not need to be washed every time you wear them. By wearing a t-shirt underneath your hoodie, the sweat and dead skin from your body won’t constantly penetrate your hoodie’s fabric. Try washing your hoodie after every 15 wears, or once a month.

this is a photo of an 'x' over a washing machine

2. Wash with similar items

When you wash your hoodie, wash it with similar pieces of fabric. Wash with sweatpants, joggers (if cotton), T-shirts, sweaters and other hoodies. Do not wash with jeans, polyester or different fabric mixes.

Also, wash it with similar colored clothing garments.

this is a photo of similar items in the wash

3. Turn inside out before washing

Turn your hoodie inside out before you put it into the washing machine. Doing this will not only clean the inner fabric of the dead skin and dirt residue trapped in the fabric threads, but it will also stop the outward-facing fabric from being beaten up.

this is a photo of a plustwo hoodie turned inside out

4. Remove stains right away

Removing any dirt, food, drink, or other stains right away will not only save your hoodie from being permanently ‘dirty.’ But properly cleaning the stain will allow the fabric to return to its original form. If you allow the stain to set in and harden onto the fabric (most likely cotton), it will harden the cotton, and no matter how much you clean it, that piece of cloth will not feel ‘soft’ again.

this is a photo of stains being removed from a hoodie

5. Use the right detergent

To find out what the proper detergent is for your hoodie, look at the tag inside of it and follow the instructions they have there. If the garment doesn’t have a specific type of detergent, it is wisest to buy a mild detergent.

this is a photo of liquid detergent

6. Don't use fabric softener

Fabric softener has its place when washing some clothes; however, one of those places isn’t with your hoodie. Over time the fabric softener will build up a waxy coating (or residue) over your entire hoodie. 

this is a photo of an 'x' over a bottle of fabric softener

7. Wash in cold water

Washing your clothes in cold water is always a smart and safe choice for keeping fit and feeling over time. Using hot water in the wash will make the hoodie fabric expand and shrink back once it has cooled down. This expansion and contraction will harden the material over time.  And it is essential not to forget that hot water does shrink clothing.

this is a photo of a washing machine

8. Run the rinse cycle two times

It irks me to promote using more water than needed for the sake of our planet. However, to ensure all soapy detergent is washed out of your hoodie’s fabric, putting it through a second rinse will do the trick. To counter your wasteful water use, skip the dryer for not just your hoodie but all the loads of laundry you do.

this is a photo of a washing machine running rinse for the second time

9. Air dry the hoodie once washed

Air drying your hoodie is the only way you will want to dry your hoodie. It will keep the fabric from breaking down as it expands in the drying machine. But it will also ensure no shrinking will occur in the drying process.

this is a photo of a hoodie being air dried


Washing your hoodie inside out would be best because it will protect the fabric from being worn down.

To attempt to soften a hard sweatshirt, you will want to turn it inside out, use a mild detergent, run two rinse cycles, and air dry it.