How to keep shirt tucked in: 13 choices for Tall Men

Keeping a shirt tucked in, that is off the rack, is a needed tool for any tall guy.

Being a tall guy, it is an important piece of information to know how to keep your shirt tucked in. Save yourself constantly standing up to tuck in your shirt with one of these 13 tips below.

Why Does My Shirt Not Stay Tucked In

If you are wondering “why does my shirt not stay tucked in?”, it’s important to first look at the fit of your shirt. A well fitted shirt is essential to keep your shirt tucked in. Too much excess fabric will lead to bunching and bulk from moving around, getting in and out of a car, bending and reaching. Make sure your shirt fits snug and comfortably, without unnecessary bulk.

Next, your shirt needs to be the right length. Trying to keep a shirt tucked in that is already too short, is a losing battle, the minute your raise your arms for any reason, your shirt will come untucked. Make sure the length of your shirt is appropriate to your body.

You can either work with a tailor to get the right fit or shop where they offer T(Tall) sizing. Both options will allow you to find a shirt that offers the appropriate sleeve and shirt length, without unnecessary bulk through the torso.

If you’ve taken care of fit issues and you are still wondering “why does my shirt not stay tucked in?” below are some more options to help keep your shirt tucked in.

How to Keep Shirt Tucked In

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Traditional Shirt Stays

If you’ve never used a traditional shirt stay, they are like suspenders but for your shirt. Shirt stays work almost in reverse to regular suspenders where one end attaches to the bottom of your shirt (front and back) via clasps and the other end is either looped to go around your foot or equipped with clasps to attach to the top of your socks.

Military Tuck

  • Tuck your shirt in with your pants undone, ensure there is no excess fabric billowing over.
  • If your pants have a second button or hook in the waistband, do it up to hold your shirt in place.
  • Reach through the fly of your pants for extra measure.
  • Do up your pants, trying your best to keep your shirt tucked tight.
  • Next pull your shirt up slightly at the sides so there’s some excess material bunched around your waist. Don’t pull too much out, the bottom of your shirt should still be tucked in and not coming out the sides.
  • Now you’ll fold a pleat in the sides of your shirt, folding the seams toward the back and the excess fabric underneath and toward the front.
  • Tuck the pleats back down your pant until your shirt lays flat at your sides.

Shirt Tuck Keeper/ Lock & Ultimate Belt Shirt Stay

Shirt Tuck/Lock wraps around the bottom of your shirt, just below your waist, when tightened, it secures your shirt to your body. Like a belt at the bottom of your shirt.

Hidden Tailor/Rubber Belts

Like the Shirt Tuck Keeper, these shirt holders have tiny, rubberized fingers/knobs which are designed to provide more grip.

How to Keep Shirt Tucked in Using Underwear

This one’s straight forward, tuck your shirt in your boxers before doing up your pants. Though this is a quick solution, it can lead to accidentally exposing the waistband of your boxers when you raise your arms. To avoid this, if your shirt is long enough, tuck the bottom of your shirt up through the leg openings of the boxers. This will prevent the shirt from billowing out at the waistband and ensure your boxers don’t get exposed.


Place the flat piece of the Magnetuck on the inside of your shirt and the half sphere shaped piece on the outside of the shirt. Place one on each side of your body. Tuck the Magnetucks below your beltline and tighten belt. The sphere-shaped domes keep the shirt pulled under the belt-line.

Strapless Suspenders

Strapless suspenders are rubberized coated elastic loops that you tuck into your pants, which provide grip at the waistline between the shirt and pants.

Shirt Tails

How to keep a shirt tucked in with shirt tails.

Shirt tails are sold as 4 sets of magnets with rubberized coating on one side of each set. They attach to the shirt like Magnetuck, where one magnet is on the inside of the shirt and the matching one on the outside, but this uses two in the front of the shirt and two in the back.

Men’s Shirt Stays Underwear

Shirt Stays underwear are a boxer brief integrated with gripping components designed to keep your shirt tucked.

There are silicone dots on the inner side of the waistband, and a security buttonhole to secure your shirt to. Just put on your underwear like you normally would, fasten one button, and off you go.

Boxstays & Tukz Underwear Shirt Stays

Tukz are underwear made with integrated shirt stays/clasps. They have options for men and for women.

Boxstays are underwear shirt stays that utilize auto-adjusting Shirt stay clips that attach to two places on a reinforced thigh band.

Rubberized Tape

Most made to measure pants have a strip of rubber sewn on the inside of the waistband. You can also take your pants to a tailor and request they add a strip of rubber. Once your belt is tightened it will create friction between the shirt and rubber strip to keep the shirt tucked in.

In a pinch, double sided scotch tape will do the trick. Get 2-4 strips and line the inside of your waistband with the tape. This will wear off in time and need to be replaced.

Style Stays Gripping Dots

Style Stays Gripping Dots are most used for a shirt collar; however, they can also be used to keep shirt tucked in as well. Simply apply the dots around the waistband of your pants, tuck shirt and tighten belt.


Finally, keep shirt tucked in using the PantsProp. Though they are designed to keep your pants up, they work just as well to keep shirt tucked in too! Like many other products listed, the PantsProp attaches to the bottom of your shirt and creates a gripping point for the waistline of your pants.

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