Jeans can be more difficult to iron than other garments because denim is a thick fabric that holds wrinkles well. 

Pressing the wrinkles out of your jeans is easy and can be done quickly at home. All you need is a good iron with a tank full of water, as well as an ironing board or other flat surface. 

If you don’t want to iron your tall jeans too frequently, make sure to learn how to fold and hang them so that you avoid creating wrinkles in the first place.

Continue reading and review the instructions below to learn how to iron jeans. 

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how to iron jeans

How To Iron Jeans

Total Time: 10 min

Cost: $0

Supplies & Tools

  • Iron
  • Ironing board
this is a photo of an ironing board to iron your jeans
Ironing board
this is a photo of an iron on jeans

Before ironing your jeans give them a look over, are they clean?

Denim should not be washed too often, but when you do wash your jeans you will want to know how to do it the right way so you do not shrink your jeans in the wash.

Once washed it is best to dry your jeans without a dryer. By air drying your jeans you can be sure no shrinking will happen as well. Two methods I like are line drying and dry flat. If you are short on time and cant wait for them to air dry then use a dryer but read our article on how to use a dryer first.

Once dry and ironed you can then hang your jeans up in the closet or fold your jeans and tuck them away in a drawer.

Carefully follow the steps outlined below to learn how to properly iron jeans at home

"Even with a casual denim look, you want to be fresh and presentable. Ironing jeans isn’t as big a job as it sounds."

1. Prepare the iron

Turn the iron on to a high heat level and activate the steam function. Pressing denim requires a high level of heat as well as steam, since denim is thick and holds wrinkles well.

Make sure the iron’s water tank is filled with fresh clean water and leave it sitting on the ironing board to heat up.

prepare the iron to iron your jeans

2. Start with the pockets

The most annoying part of the jeans to iron is the pocket area. Lay your jeans flat and evenly on the ironing board, and turn the pockets inside out, so that they are on the outside of the pants. 

Use the iron to press the wrinkles out of the pocket areas, and then tuck the pockets back inside once finished. 

this is a photo of the pockets in your jeans being turned insight out to iron

3. Press the waistband

Lay the waistband of the jeans flat on the ironing board, or place the end of the ironing board inside the jeans. I prefer to place the ironing board inside the jeans, as this will help the waistband to sit more flat and smoothly. 

Firmly press the iron down on the waistband, and press for 2 to 4 seconds in order to remove wrinkles. 

this is a photo of the waistband of your jeans being pressed

4. Line up the seams

One by one line up the seams (inseam / outseam) on the legs of your jeans. Make sure your jeans are even and that the seams are perfectly matched. 

Slide the iron up and down the leg of the denim jeans to remove wrinkles on the thigh, knee, and calf areas.

Continue until the legs of your jeans are completely wrinkle free

this is a photo of jeans on a ironing board with lined up seams

5. Flip the jeans over

Once you are finished on the front side of the jeans, check to see if you need to iron the backside as well. 

The butt area, the area behind the knee, and the bottom hem of the jeans are all wrinkle prone areas on the back of your jeans

To iron the backside of your jeans simply repeat the steps above. 

this is a photo of jeans flipped over to iron

How to iron jeans: quick tips

  • Use a spray bottle to add moisture to areas with deep creases and wrinkles.
  • If you would like to protect the outer surface of your jeans, turn the jeans inside out and iron from the backside.
  • Leave the button and fly zipper of your jeans open when ironing.
  • Use as much steam as possible when ironing your jeans.

While your ironing your jeans, look at our other guides on helping you come out with the crispest clothing possible.


Ironing jeans is the best way to get wrinkles out. Use the iron on the highest heat setting and fill the water tank so that you are able to use the steam function to flatten your jeans.  

Jeans should be ironed on the highest heat setting. If you iron has a denim setting, use that. 

Yes, denim jeans can be ironed. Use the highest heat setting on the iron, as well as the steam function, to best get wrinkles out of denim jeans. 

Use the highest heat setting as well as the steam function on the iron to get wrinkles out of jeans. Take your time to carefully press the pocket and waistband area, before moving down the leg towards the ankle hem.