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How To Hang Shorts: Steps w/ Photos

Learn how to fold your shorts so they do not wrinkle between wears.

How to Hang Shorts

Wrinkle Free

Not all shorts need to be hung up. Athletic shorts can be folded or even thrown into a cubby hole. The shorts you will want to hang are your lifestyle, dress-up shorts that are paired with a nice shirt or button-up dress shirt. Remember, when hanging your shorts, you want to make sure they are hanging directly in the middle, so they don’t fall off over time.

This is How to Hang Shorts: 3 Easy Methods.

Welcome to our article on how to hang shorts. 

If you want to put away a pair of gym shorts or athletic shorts, you can skip reading this and learn how to fold shorts. These types of shorts are made with fabric that is made not to wrinkle, so folding them and placing them in your drawer is just fine.

For hanging shorts, you will want to hang more lifestyle and dress-up styles. Shorts made from chino, khaki, denim and more will be left with wrinkles if stored by folding or lying in the corner of your room.

How To Hang Shorts

how to hang shorts

How to hang shorts on a coat hanger

Total Time: 5 min

Cost: $0

1. Lay shorts flat

Lay the shorts down flat with the front facing up.

this is a photo of shorts laid flat to hang

2. Fold in half

Fold the shorts in half from side to side (horizontally.)

this is a photo of shorts folded in half

3. Place hanger down

Lay the hanger on the middle of the shorts thigh with the hook facing up towards the shorts’ waist.

this is a photo of a hanger placed down on a pair of shorts

4. Put shorts through hanger

Pull the waist of the shorts through the hanger and pull it down so that the waist meets the leg openings on the shorts.

this is a photo of shorts pulled through a hanger

5. Let shorts rest in middle

Let the shorts rest on the bottom of the coat hanger.

this is a photo of shorts resting in the middle of a hanger

6. Hang shorts in closet

Lift the shorts up and place them in your closet

this is a photo of shorts hanging in the closet on a hanger

How to hang shorts with clips

Total Time: 5 min

Cost: $0

  1. Put the shorts down flat with the front facing up. If you have very wide shorts, fold them in half from side to side (horizontally), and these will be your starting position for #1.
  2. Place your hanger over the waist of the shorts, then adjust the clamps so that they grab the shorts at the same point on both sides. Have the clamps placed farthest apart as possible while still being able to clasp the shorts’ fabric.
  3. Fasten the clamps on both layers of the shorts’ waist. Make sure that there is no fabric hanging loose between the two clamps, as this can leave a crease in the shorts.
  4. Pick up your shorts and place them in the closet.

How to hang shorts with Savile Row fold

Total Time: 5 min

Cost: $0

  1. Lay the shorts down flat on its side.
  2. Fold the top leg up over the waist, so the crotch is exposed. Place the coat hanger in the middle of the lower short leg with the hook facing up towards the opening of the lower leg.
  3. Pull the lower leg through the coat hanger from underneath. Pull it up so that the leg opening touches the seam at the crotch.
  4. Pull the top leg back down over the bottom leg and through the coat hanger. Slightly lift the coat hanger so that the top leg’s fabric can be pulled down and rest underneath the bottom leg.
  5. The top leg opening should now lay outside the fold and parallel the bottom leg on the inside.
  6. Pick the hanger up and put the shorts away in your closet.

Bringing your shorts care full circle, let these informative guides help you make your shorts the most comfortable, best-fitting, cleanest pair of shorts you can own.

While putting away your clean laundry, ensure you hang the rest of your clothes properly.


There are multiple ways to hang shorts, the most straightforward way being the standard hanging them on a coat hanger.

To hang shorts with clips, you need to make sure the shorts are flat to start, clamp the clips over the shorts’ waistband and hang them.

The best way to fold your shorts neatly is using the Savile Row fold.

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