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How To Hang Jeans: Step-By-Step w/ Photos

This is how to hang your jeans.

Welcome to our article on hanging your jeans correctly with three different techniques. 

If you have space in your closet to hang your denim, I suggest you do it. However, space might be a premium with all the clothes you own. If there isn’t a lot of space to hang them, folding your jeans and putting them into a cubby or drawer is an excellent way to store them.

how to hang jeans

How To Hang Jeans

Before you think about hanging your jeans, you will want to ensure they are clean. Jeans, unlike other clothes, do not need to be cleaned regularly. However, wash your jeans properly every few months to avoid a smelly closet. Iron the jeans if needed and learn how to dry your jeans without a dryer as well, to be sure you don’t shrink them.

Now, learn how to hang jeans in closet.

1. Grab a standard clothes hanger

Grab a standard clothes hanger. A classic clothes hanger is shaped like a triangle. It has two diagonal bars and a horizontal bar at the bottom.

This is a photo of a standard hanger to hang jeans on

2. Fold the jeans in half

Fold the jeans in half vertically. Make sure the hand pockets are on the inside, and the seat of the jeans is on the outside.

This is a pair of jeans folded in half to hang

3. Hook your hanger over something stable

Hook your hanger over something stable, such as a closet rod or lip of a door frame. Doing so will allow you to use both hands for the hanging process.

This is a photo of a clothing hanger being hooked over something stable

4. Slip the jeans through the hanger

Slip the jeans through the hanger, and drape them across the bar by the leg part. The waistband should be touching the cuffs.

This is a photo of the jeans being hooked through the hanger to be hung

5. Adjust the jeans as needed

If you notice the jeans slipping off the hanger, you must adjust them. Either tug on the waistband or the ankles. Do this until the jeans hang across the bar without slipping.

This is a photo of Tall Paul adjusting the jeans as needed so they can be hung

6. Secure the jeans with clothespins (optional)

If your jeans keep sliding off, you can secure them with a clothespin. Clip a clothespin or two across the horizontal bar.

This is a photo of jeans being secured with a clothing pin so they hang properly

7. Put the hung jeans away

Place the jeans inside your closet.

This is a photo of jeans being hung in a closet

Hang Jeans On A Hanger With Clips 

  1. Get a hanger with clips attached to it. These hangers are suitable for most pants, especially jeans, but they may leave some imprints in leather or pleather pants unless you use cushioning (such as index cards).
  2. If your jeans are too wide for your hanger, fold them in half vertically. If you do not have a lot of vertical space in your closet, fold your jeans in half vertically, then horizontally. You will be clipping them by the knee part.
  3. Clip the jeans by the waistband to the hanger. Each clip should be about 1 inch (2.54 centimetres) away from the outside edge of the waistband. The clips on most hangers are adjustable. They can slide across the bar back and forth. Move the clips around as necessary.
  4. Place the jeans inside your closet. Consider hanging them so that the hook’s curved part faces you.

Hang Jeans On A Clamping Pants Hanger

  1. Get a clamping pants hanger. These are usually made of wood, consisting of two horizontal bars that pull together. They are ideal for hanging dress pants but work perfectly for jeans as well.
  2. Fold the jeans in half vertically. The hand pockets should be on the inside, and the seat of the jeans should be on the outside.
  3. Open the hanger. Grip the hook part of the hanger and pull it towards you. The two horizontal bars should open up.
  4. Place the cuffs between the bars. You will be hanging the jeans by the cuffs, not by the waist. This is because bulky things, such as buttons and zippers, get in the way. They prevent the hanger from closing together all the way.
  5. Close the hanger and place it in your closet. Push the hook part back down towards the hanger and away from you.

Follow our other guides while hanging up your clothes to make sure they stay wrinkle-free.


It is better to fold your jeans for ease in your day. Denim is a very giving fabric that allows it to be mishandled for long periods without wrinkling or creasing. A simple file fold is all that is needed for your jeans.

You can hang up your jeans but do not need to. Denim is a very giving fabric that will not be wrinkled or stressed if all you do is create a flat fold and put your jeans away in a cubby.

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Tall Paul
Tall Paul
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