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How to Hang Dress Pants: Men’s Guide

Learn how to hang your dress pants.

How to Hang Dress Pants

Wrinkle Free

To take the best care of your dress pants you want to be sure to never fold them. Folding your dress pants and storing them will lead to a lot of wrinkles needed ironing out. Instead do the Sevile Row Fold (which is actually a way of hanging) and then place them in your closet beside the rest of your dress suit.

This is How to Hang Dress Pants: Men’s Guide.

Welcome to our article on the best ways to hang your dress pants. 

Hanging your dress pants correctly will ensure they are wrinkle-free when you have the next special event to dress up for. Save yourself the time of needing to iron away the wrinkles and hang them correctly the first time. Unlike hanging jeans, where there is more lee-way.

Be sure to hang your dress pants when you are done wearing them and DO NOT fold them.

How to Hang Dress Pants

Allow these four options to help you show up to the next event looking crisp in your suit. These hanging methods are put in order of effectiveness for keeping your dress pants ready to wear at a moment’s notice.

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1. Use the Savile Row Fold

  1. Get a standard clothes hanger. One that looks like a triangle has two diagonal bars and a horizontal bar at the bottom. This method is the best for dress pants.
  2. Hold the dress pants upside down by cuffs. Your thumbs should be touching the inseams, and your fingers should touch the outseams. Finally, the inseams should be facing each other.
  3. Place the hanger between the pant legs. It might be easier to place the hanger on a rod first. The horizontal bar should be between the two pant legs. You should still be holding the pants by the cuffs.
  4. Drape one leg across the horizontal bar. Pull the leg through the hanger, and fold it across the bar.
  5. Tug the leg down, so the cuff touches the crotch part of the pants. Let go of the cuff.
  6. Drape the other leg over the first one. Pull the other leg through the hanger and drape it across the horizontal bar. Tug the leg down until the dress pants hang evenly.
  7. Place your dress pants in the closet.

2. Use a Clamping Pants Hanger

  1. Get a clamping pants hanger. These are usually made of wood, consisting of two horizontal bars that pull together. They are ideal for suit pants.
  2. Fold the dress pants in half vertically. The hand pockets should be on the inside, and the seat of the pants should be on the outside.
  3. Open the hanger. Grip the hook part of the hanger and pull it towards you. The two horizontal bars should open up.
  4. Place the cuffs between the bars. You will hang the dress pants by the cuffs, not by the waist. This is because bulky things, such as buttons and zippers, get in the way. They prevent the hanger from closing together all the way.
  5. Close the hanger and place it in your closet. Push the hook part back down towards the hanger and away from you.

3. Use a Hanger with Clips 

  1. Get a hanger with clips attached to it. These hangers are suitable for dress pants, but they may leave some imprints unless you use cushioning (such as index cards).
  2. If your dress pants are too wide for your hanger, fold them in half vertically. If you do not have a lot of vertical space in your closet, fold your pants in half vertically, then horizontally. You will be clipping them by the knee part.
  3. Clip the dress pants by the waistband to the hanger. Each clip should be about 1 inch (2.54 centimetres) away from the outside edge of the waistband. The clips on most hangers are adjustable. They can slide across the bar back and forth. Move the clips around as necessary.
  4. Place the dress pants inside your closet. Consider hanging them so that the hook’s curved part faces you.

4. Use Clothes Hangers

  1. Grab a standard clothes hanger. A classic clothes hanger is shaped like a triangle. It has two diagonal bars and a horizontal bar at the bottom.
  2. Fold the dress pants in half vertically. Make sure the hand pockets are on the inside, and the seat of the dress pants is on the outside.
  3. Hook your hanger over something stable, such as a closet rod or lip of a door frame. Doing so will allow you to use both hands for the hanging process.
  4. Slip the dress pants through the hanger, and drape them across the bar by the leg part. The waistband should be touching the cuffs.
  5. If you notice the dress pants slipping off the hanger, you must adjust them. Either tug on the waistband or the ankles. Do this until the pants hang across the bar without slipping.
  6. If your dress pants keep sliding off, you can secure them with a clothespin. Clip a clothespin or two across the horizontal bar.
  7. Place the dress pants inside your closet.

How to Hang Dress Pants FAQ

The best way to hand dress pants so they don’t wrinkle is to use the Savile Row Fold. A specific way to fold your dress pants, so they do not wrinkle or fall off the hanger at any time while being stored.

The only way to store your dress pants is to hang them. The ability for wrinkles to occur when folding your dress pants isn’t worth it. Grab a hanger and do the Savile Row Fold to hang your pants.

Yes, not only can you hang your pants on hangers, but this should be the only way you put away your pants. Especially dress pants.

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