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How to Fold Jeans: 4 Space Saving Methods

Learn how to save space in your suitcase and closet by reading our step-by-step instructions on how to properly fold jeans.

How to Fold Jeans

Save Space

Save space in your closet, wardrobe, or suitcase using our 4 methods for folding jeans. File or flat fold your jeans if you are looking to store them in a drawer or on a shelf. If you are looking to save room and avoid creating wrinkles on your jeans while they are packed away in your suitcase, then use the block roll or army roll.

This is How to Fold Jeans: 4 Space Saving Methods.

Jeans are durable, comfortable, versatile, and affordable, which is why they have remained so popular for such a long time. 

It’s easy to get carried away buying too many pairs of jeans, which then leads to those same jeans taking up too much space in our closet, drawers, and suitcases.  

Learning how to properly fold your jeans is important because it can make your closet look more more organized, clean and neat, as well as help to save space in your suitcase and carry-ons while you are traveling.

Folding your jeans properly will also help you to avoid creating wrinkles and creases on your jeans when they are tucked away in storage.

Different kinds of situations will require a different kind of fold, so continue reading to find detailed instructions on how to file fold, flat fold, army roll, and block roll jeans. 

How to Fold Jeans

How to fold jeans to save space?

There are several different ways to fold your jeans and some are better than others depending on the situation you are in. You would likely prefer to block roll your jeans if you are running out of space in your suitcase while you are packing for vacation, however, the file fold would be a better option for people who are looking to store their jeans in a dresser drawer or on a shelf. 

Folding your jeans correctly can help you to avoid creating wrinkles and creases, which will help you to achieve a clean and stylish look. To make sure your jeans really are clean you may also want to read our article on how to wash jeans to make sure your jeans are always looking as fresh as possible. You may iron the jeans at this time as well.

"There is nothing better than finding the perfect pair of jeans to wear in seconds and not having to dig through your drawer."

1. How to File Fold Jeans

File folding is a great way to store your jeans and can be used in a number of different scenarios. File fold jeans by following the steps below.

1. Lay jeans flat

Lay your jeans on a flat surface. The kitchen table, bed or even the floor will work.

This is a photo of jeans lain flat being ready to fold

2. Pinch the waistband

Pinch the fabric on your waistband and proceed to fold your jeans in half. They should be folded in half vertically, the long way.

This is a photo of jeans legs folded over ontop of each other after the waist was pinched

3. Fold the hems up

Fold the bottom hem of your jeans upwards, until it is 2/3 of the way up the pants.

this is a photo of the hems being folded up on a pair of jeans

4. Grab the end of the fold

Grab the end of the fold that has both the waist and the ankles, and fold it inwards 2/3 of the way.

this is a pair of jeans being folded onto themselves

5. Roll the jeans

Finally, roll your jeans from one end to the other as tightly as possible.

This is the final fold and roll of the file fold for jeans

2. How to Flat Fold Jeans

The flat fold is a simple fold that is useful for storing your jeans in a drawer or in your closet. Follow the instructions below to learn how to flat fold your jeans.

1. Fold your jeans in half

Fold your jeans in half across the body, placing one leg on top of the other with the back pockets/back side facing outwards.

This is a photo of jeans being folded in half for a flat fold

2. Fold your jeans vertically

Take the jeans and fold them in half vertically, bringing the bottom hem to just below the waist and forming a long rectangle.

this is a photo of jeans being folded vertically

3. Fold your jeans upward

Fold the jeans upwards again, this time into thirds.

this is a photo of tall paul folding his jeans upward

3. How to Army Roll Jeans

If you are looking to save space in your suitcase then using the army roll to store your jeans is your best option. Follow the steps below to learn how to army roll jeans.

1. Turn jeans waist inside out

First, turn the waist of your jeans inside out, exposing about 8cm/2.5in of the fabric inside.

this is a photo of a pair of jeans with the waist band turned inside out

2. Overlap jeans inner seams

Grab your jeans from the bottom hem, one in each hand, and proceed to overlap the two inner seams of the pant legs, so that the inside of the jeans legs are partially over/under one another.

This is a photo of overlapping jeans inner seams to be folded

3. Fold outside edges of jeans

Fold the outside edges of your jean’s pant legs inwards. Your jeans should look long and skinny now.

This is a photo of folded outside edges of a pair of jeans to be folded

4. Roll your jeans

Starting at the bottom, begin to roll your jeans upwards from the bottom.

This is a photo of tall paul rolling his jeans in an army roll

5. Tuck and wrap your jeans

Once your jeans are fully rolled, tuck and wrap the body of the jeans into the fold you created in step 1.

this is the final step in how to army roll jeans by tucking and wrapping the jeans into themself

4. How to Block Roll Jeans

The block roll is another fantastic option for people who are looking to maximize the space in their suitcase while traveling. Read below to learn how to block roll jeans.

1. Lay your jeans flat

Lay your jeans evenly on a flat surface. This can be the kitchen table, ironing board, bed or floor.

this is a photo of jeans laid flat to me block rolled

2. Fold your jeans in half

Fold them in half from the waist. The backside of your jeans should now be facing upwards and outwards. The front side of your jeans should be hidden inwards.

this is a photo of jeans folded in half to block roll

3. Fold pant leg 90 degrees

Take one pant leg, and fold it in a 90° angle outwards at the knee.

this is a photo of one pant leg being folded ninety degrees

4. Roll jeans waistband down

Grab the jeans at the waistline, and begin to roll downwards by the waistband.

this is a photo of the jeans waistband being rolled down to block roll

5. Pull loose pant leg over

Once the bottom is reached you will find that one pant leg is hanging loose. Use this pant leg to pull over top of the roll, so that the rest of the jeans are encapsulated inside.

this is a photo of the loose pant leg being pulled over the rolled jeans to block roll

6. Finish the block roll

Your jeans’ pant leg should now be exposed inside out, and the rest of the jeans should be contained inside that leg.

this is the final form of the block roll jeans

How to Fold Jeans: Tips

  • Wash your jeans before folding them and putting them away
  • Hanging your jeans also works if you have space in your closet
  • Make sure jeans are pressed out to not leave any wrinkles

How to Fold Jeans FAQ

Jeans can be folded in 1 of 4 ways. You may file fold, flat fold, block roll, and army roll your jeans. The type of method you choose will depend on what you wish to accomplish. 

The best way to fold your jeans if you are looking to save room is to army roll or block roll your jeans. 

Each method has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. You will choose to hang or fold your jeans depending on which situation you are in. If you are traveling and need to save space then you may wish to block roll your jeans. If your jeans have just come out of the wash, then you should hang your jeans. 

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