How to Fold a Suit Jacket for Tall Men: 3 ways

Take one of the 3 ways and fold your suit jacket properly for your next trip.

How to Fold a Suit Jacket

Travelling for work, or maybe a wedding? Maybe you’re planning to be gone overnight, or the whole weekend. Or maybe, you have a late afternoon presentation and need to look your best.

Most of us, especially tall men with especially long jackets, know it’s not easy to fit a suit jacket in a weekend duffle or carry-on without crushing it. If you don’t plan to lug around a large suitcase or garment bag, you are going to have to fold your jacket, there’s no way around it.

Thankfully, there are some strategies to help you fold and pack your jacket, so it arrives at your destination looking like it never left your closet. Just grab and go, no fuss, no failed attempts to shower steam it in a hotel bathroom.

Will folding a suit ruin it

No, folding a suit jacket will not ruin it if you hang it up as soon as possible.

A suit is a big investment, not matter what you do, you want to treat it with care. Travelling with a garment bag in tow is not always a practical option, which can make learning to fold a suit properly, well worth the time.

With a few tips in mind, and a little practice, there should be no risk to folding your suit for travel. Though, the longer a suit sits folded, the more likely a crease can set in. Always remember to unpack your suit upon arrival to keep it looking its best.

How do you fold a jacket step by step

If you’re working with a carry-on or weekend-sized duffel, this fold will ensure your jacket is ready to wear upon arrival. Just unpack, get dressed and go!

Step 1: Start by carefully popping the shoulders of your suit jacket inside out.

Step 2: Next fold it in half vertically so the lapels touch. Your jacket should be folded with the lining facing outwards.

Step 3: Now fold horizontally, to a size that fits your luggage. Use the least amount of folds possible.

Note: For tall men with longer jackets, you may find you need to use more than 2 folds. In that case, try rolling the suit jacket like a sleeping bag or yoga mat as opposed to folding it.

Step 4: Lay your jacket flat in your luggage or tuck the rolled jacket away neatly.

Step 5: Upon arrival, unpack, pop the shoulders back into place. Your suit jacket should be wrinkle free and ready to wear.

Note: If you will not be wearing your jacket right away, be sure to place it on a hanger in a closet or out of the way.

How to fold a suit jacket: 3 ways

Treating your jacket gently in the first place, is key to maintaining the integrity and longevity or your garment. There are ways to fold a suit jacket that will prevent wear and tear on the fabric, and ensure it arrives crease-free.

A few tips to consider before choosing your fold

Take the time to fold it right, from the start. Rushing can lead to creases and folds going unnoticed prior to packing. These creases can set in in your luggage. Though you can absolutely iron or steam them out, heat will wear down the fibers in your jacket much faster.

Minimize the number of folds you use. If you find you need more than a couple folds, a jacket roll might be the optimal choice.

Where possible, try to keep folds along the seams.

Fold so that the lining is facing out. Should your jacket meet the unfortunate fate of a scuff, stain or tear in transport, it won’t be visible when you are wearing it. At a later date, you can have the lining repaired or replaced. Damage to the outside of a jacket however, can ruin it.

Avoid packing items on top of your jacket or stowing heavy items on top of your luggage.

Tucked-Shoulder Fold

This fold is ideal for a suit jacket that will be stowed away for longer periods of time, like an overseas flight, as it allows for an even distribution of weight and requires minimal folds. You will also follow the same first steps of this fold to do a Jacket Roll.

Step 1: Begin by laying the jacket face down. Always use a flat surface, like a table or a dresser. A bed can do in a pinch.

Step 2: Take the left shoulder and fold it over.

Step 3: Turn the right shoulder inside-out and tuck the left shoulder into the right shoulder. Sleeves are usually made with more flex but do ensure that they are laid flat and neat as well.

Step 4: Before you begin folding, make sure there are no creases and the shoulders lay neatly together. Fold the jacket in half vertically, then horizontally. The lining should be facing outward, protecting the outside of your jacket from wear and tear if it moves around during travel.

Lay flat at the top of your bag, you can also wrap the legs of your trousers around the jacket if you are bringing a full suit.

The Jacket Roll

With a smaller luggage or weekend size bag, there is not always space to neatly lay a folded jacket, and you just have to roll it up. The Jacket Roll allows you to tuck your jacket away neatly and between items to save space.

Follow steps 1-3 of the Tucked-Shoulder roll.

Step 4: Fold in half vertically and lay flat. This is where you can grab a few items, like your neatly folded shirts, underwear and socks.

Step 5: Lay your items evenly on your jacket and roll the jacket up like a sleeping bag or yoga mat. Be sure not to roll too tightly, just firm enough to not create creases.

Place your jacket at the top of your bag, or tucked between other items, just be sure not to pile heavy items on top.

The Shirt-Style Fold

Sometimes you just have to rush to catch a flight or ride to your next destination. Should you find yourself in this position, the Shirt-Style fold can help you save a few extra seconds, that might just mean the difference between catching or missing your flight.

Step 1: Lay your jacket face down on a flat surface.

Step 2: Fold both shoulders toward the centre of the jacket

Step 3: Fold in half horizontally.

Step 4: Flip over and lay flat in your bag on top.

Four easy steps on you’re on your way!

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