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How To Fold A Hoodie: Steps w/ Photos & Video

Learn how to fold a hoodie.

Welcome to our article on how to fold a hoodie. 

If you are like me, 99% of the time, my hoodies hang up in the closet because I get so much use out of them. 

However, the hoodies will hibernate my closet cubbies or Chester drawers with seasonal changes to warmer weather. Due to their size, they can take up all the available space if quickly folded twice and tossed into their summer resting place. 

How To Fold A Hoodie

Total Time: 5 min

Cost: $0

After you have washed your hoodie (sweater, sweatshirt) and dried it properly so it doesn’t shrink (unless you wanted to shrink your hoodie), let our guide on how to fold clothes help you properly store the rest of your clothing.

how to fold a hoodie

1. Lay hoodie on a table

Place the hoodie on a table (kitchen table or desk in your room) and lay it with the back facing upward and the hoodie down. If your hoodie has a zipper or front pocket, both should be facing down at this stage.

This is a photo of a hoodie being laid down flat to be folded

2. Cross the sleeves

Take each arm, one at a time, and cross them over the middle of the hoodie. The hoodie shape should form a rectangle with the hood poking out at the bottom.

This is a photo of crossing the sleeves

3. Fold over the top half

Grab the top half of the hoodie and fold it evenly over the bottom half. Let the hood hang over the bottom as you align the bottom of the hoodie with the shoulders.

This is a photo of folding over the top half of a hoodie

4. Fold vertically

Fold the hoodie vertically into quarters. Grab one side of the hoodie and fold it vertically over the other half. Allow the hood to hang over the bottom. Pull it out if it is trapped in the fold. This should end up making the hoodie look like a square.

This is a photo of folding the hoodie vertically

5. Open the hood and fold

Open the hood and stretch it over the folded rectangle until it envelopes the folded section. This is the last fold, your hoodie now is ready to store away or pack.

This is a photo of opening the hood and encasing the rest of the hoodie

How to fold a hoodie: quick tips

  • Any clear space that will fit the arm’s length of your hoodie will work for this. Just make sure there is no dirt or spills on the surface.
  • Once folded, your hoodie should take the shape of a square and the hood covering the rest of the fabric.

How To Do A KonMari Fold On Your Hoodie

Total Time: 5 min

Cost: $0

1. Lay hoodie on a table

Lay the hoodie down on a table. While positioning the hoodie on the table, place the hoodie face down so that any zippers or front hoods face downward.

This is a photo of a hoodie being laid down flat to be folded

2. Fold sides toward center

Fold the hoodie sides towards the center. Fold the hoodie vertically into thirds and fold in the end thirds towards the center third so that the two ends touch.

This is a photo of the side of a hoodie being folded together

3. Fold sleeves toward center

Grab each sleeve and fold them in half over the middle, one at a time. Position the sleeves so each one lies over the two ends folded into the center.

This is a photo of the sleeves being folded together

4. Fold the hood

Grab the hood and fold it down over the hoodie’s seam line, smoothing out any creases as you do so. The hood should rest over the center of the hoodie’s sleeves and folded sides.

This is a photo of the hood being folded over

5. Divide the hoodie

Divide the hoodie into the top, bottom, and middle (thirds). Roll the bottom third of the hoodie over the middle and top for a tight, even finish.

Divide the hoodie

6. Store in a suitcase

Store in carry on or check in luggage if you are heading off for a travel. If your not leaving anywhere, then store this in your cubby or drawer.

This is a photo of step 6 in how to fold a hoodie by placing the folded hoodie away

How to do a KonMari fold on your hoodie: quick tips

  • Tables, beds, or a clear area on the floor all work well for folding your hoodie.
  • Smooth the edges after each fold to keep the hoodie secure when you put it in your closet.
  • Once finished, you want the hoodie to look like a tight tube.

Keeping your hoodie from wrinkling will keep it looking good, but you can do many other things to keep your hoodie looking and feeling fresh. Let our guides help you.


The best way to fold a hoodie to save space is to use the KonMari fold.

There is no incorrect way to store your hoodie. If you wear it often and have closet space, hanging your hoodie will be easier and more efficient. While folding your hoodie for storage will put less stress on the fabric over time.

The best way to pack a hoodie is to fold, not roll. Due to the amount of fabric used in a hoodie, rolling it up will take up more space than folding it with a basic fold or using the KonMari fold.

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