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How to Dry a Hoodie: 2 Ways to Not Shrink

Learn how to dry your hoodie without ruining it.

How to Dry a Hoodie

Without Shrinking

The best way to dry your hoodie without shrinking it is to air dry it, which will take 8-10 hours. To do this, you will need to lay it on a drying rack or flat space with lots of ventilation. The second option is to use a drying machine. A drying machine is much faster, but you risk shrinking your hoodie if the dryer is too hot.

This is How to Dry a Hoodie: 2 Ways to Not Shrink.

Welcome to our article on how to dry a hoodie. 

I don’t know bout you, but I cross my fingers and say a little prayer every time I put one of my hoodies into the dryer. And in the past, the dryer ended up crushing my prayers as it would spit out a two size smaller version of what I put in.

I am a 6’7 Tall guy (Tall Men niche: leaner/athletic/skinny body), and when the dryer wins, I end up with a hoodie that stops at my belly button and sleeves that end at the forearm. 

Whether you are a giant like me or have a hoodie that fits you perfectly and any shrinkage will ruin it, this article is for you.

How to Dry a Hoodie

Cotton is one of the comfiest fabrics brands use when creating pieces such as a hoodie, sweatpants or joggers. However, this fabric will shrink 1-2 sizes when washed improperly. Learn how to wash a hoodie with our related guide.

Let our other guides help you feel the best about your hoodie.

Let these articles help you make sure you keep all your clothing garments in their desired size when you wash them.

1. How to Air Dry a Hoodie

  1. Zip the zipper if the hoodie has one on it. Zip it up, so the hoodie dries evenly and doesn’t form wrinkles or folds. If you are drying a pullover hoodie, skip this step.
  2. Lay the hoodie on a dry towel that is on a flat surface. Try this on a kitchen table or large enough area to hold your flattened-out hoodie. Place the arms of the hoodie at its sides, so they’re straight.
  3. Press down on the fabric of the hoodie to push out as much excess water into the towel. Don’t twist or wring out the hoodie. This will stretch the fibres and cause them to dry with wrinkles.
  4. Grab another clean, dry towel and lay it flat. Place the hoodie on the new towel in the exact positioning. Roll up the towel from the bottom so the hoodie is rolled inside. Squeeze the towel with your hands to press out even more water from the hoodie.
  5. Unroll the hoodie from the towel and lay it flat on a drying rack or on top of another dry towel. Once again, the surface should be large enough to hold the hoodie and be flat. Make sure the arms are straight and there aren’t any wrinkles or folds in the hoodie.
  6. Leave the hoodie for 8-10hrs to dry. The time of year (Winter to Summer) and the warmth of your house will affect this time frame. The most efficient way to do this for your time is to dry it overnight. Check the material by touching it with your hands to ensure it’s fully dry before you wear it.

How to Air Dry a Hoodie: Tips

  • Dry your hoodie in a well-ventilated room. Open windows and fans will help speed up the drying process.
  • Connecting both sides of a zippered hoodie will help prevent the fabric from stretching or warping while it air-dries.
  • Even if you ran the hood through a spin cycle in your washing machine, there’s still some excess moisture you can remove by patting dry before you air-dry it.
  • Press on every part of the hoodie to help it dry evenly.
  • Don’t twist or fold the rolled towel to squeeze your hoodie, or you’ll stretch the hoodie out and create wrinkles in it.
  • Avoid damp rooms like a bathroom. The hoodie could develop mould and smell.
  • Don’t put the damp hoodie on a hanger, or the weight of it will stretch the fibres.

2. How to Machine-Dry a Hoodie

  1. Read the tag inside the hoodie to see if there are specific instructions you need to follow when machine drying. Follow the instructions for the best results.
  2. If the hoodie has a zipper, zip it up, so it dries evenly and doesn’t develop folds or creases in the fabric. If it is a pullover hoodie, skip this step.
  3. Set your dryer to low heat and tumble dry low setting. Doing this will prevent the hoodie from shrinking or being damaged. If the dryer has a no-heat option, set it to that, so your hoodie is tumble-dried only.
  4. Put the hoodie in the dryer by itself. Open the dryer door, place the hoodie inside of it, and close the door securely. Avoid adding other items to the dryer so your hoodie dries evenly and doesn’t attract lint or dirt from different types of clothing or fabrics.
  5. Start the dryer and leave the hoodie to tumble for at least 15-20 minutes. Check on the hoodie periodically and remove it from the dryer as soon as it’s dry to avoid any possible shrinkage.

How to Machine-Dry a Hoodie: Tips

  • Read the tag inside the hoodie and follow its instructions for the best results.
  • If you’re drying multiple hoodies, keep the load small, so your hoodies can tumble easily and freely.
  • Setting your dryer to a no-heat setting will lengthen the time it takes to dry your hoodie.

Take care of your hoodie once it has been dried. This will lead to long-term value for the money you invested into it.

How to Dry a Hoodie FAQ

The quickest way to dry your hoodie is to place it in a high heat setting in the dryer. Doing this will increase the chances of shrinking the fabric.

Yes, you can put your hoodies in the tumble dry. This is one of the safest ways to dry your hoodies in the drying machine.

It will take between 8 and 10hrs to air dry your hoodie. For the fastest results, put your hoodie in a well-ventilated room.

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Tall Paul
Paul Marlow, standing at an impressive 6'7 (201cm) and weighing 225lb (102kg), is a mental health speaker, fashion expert, and ex-athlete who excels at helping tall men find well-fitting clothing and teaching them how to style it effectively. As a model in the fashion and film industries, Paul shares his expertise in tall men's fashion, offering valuable advice on measurements, tailoring, and alterations. In addition, he founded Never Alone, an organization that provides mental health and therapy inspiration, and started the Mental Growth Newsletter to support those facing mental health challenges, drawing from his own experiences.

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