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How to Dress Up Joggers: A Man’s Guide

Learn how to dress up your joggers for an evening out,

How to Dress Up Joggers

Dress Up For Men

When dressing up your joggers, men will want to keep them subtle and well-fitting. Unlike dressing up your joggers for a day out with friends, there will be fewer layers and less flash of colours. And as always, make sure your shoes are clean and proper!

This is How to Dress Up Joggers: A Man’s Guide.

Welcome to my article on how to dress up joggers.

To start off, it is always good to know the difference between joggers vs sweatpants because knowing how joggers are supposed to fit will tweak your end look compared to styling sweatpants.

I suggest you read our article how are joggers supposed to fit before you further prepare your wardrobe for tonight.

Now, let me help you dress up your joggers, show you how to style your joggers and help boost your confidence in doing so.

How to Dress Up Joggers

Fellas, the best thing you can do when dressing up your joggers is to treat them like a nice pair of jeans. To dress up your joggers, you can add all the complimentary clothing that you would to a pair of jeans or even slacks. 

As your building out your wardrobe you will acquire more pieces of clothing that will become your staple pieces. Use our guides to help dress up with them as the base piece.

1. Footwear

Dress for the occasion. If you are heading to a party, work event or fundraiser, then wear a pair of dress shoes that compliment the colour of the joggers you are wearing. Other options for shoe choices to dress up your joggers are sneakers or basketball shoes, but they must be brand new or as clean as the day you bought them. 

A pair of dirty shoes will take your stylish outfit and make it look like you just walked out of your house on a Sunday morning. So wash your shoes and clean your shoelaces often.

After your shoes have been washed you have a couple choices on drying. If you are in a rush and need your shoes right away then you can dry your shoes in the dryer. However, if you have a day then I suggest you air dry them by line drying or dry flat. Read into more ways to dry your clothes without a dryer in our article.

With your clean shoe laces you can step up your fashion game with different lacing options. I suggest though you start with the simple straight lace.

Make sure your shoes are clean and fitting properly with our guides.

And don’t forget that the look of your laces is just as important as the shoe itself.

2. Tops

Joggers are so versatile that you can pull off a well-fitting T-shirt if you wear the right pair of joggers and shoes with it. But to be dressy, you will want to add a bit more flavour than that. 

Add a dress shirt, stylish sweater or even a suit jacket to dress up your joggers if you want to fit in with the crowd at any elegant event. You will want to leave your hoodie behind this time.

Dive deeper into what to wear with joggers to make your tops work for you.

3. Layer

Be careful when adding layers to your dressed-up look. At a more sophisticated event, too many layers will take away from the look you are going for. Go with the rule of one layer only unless you have a second layer that keeps your outfit’s sleek, sophisticated look. 

Read more about layering with our guide how to wear joggers fashionably.

4. Accessories

Because you are wearing fewer layers than your usual look of wearing joggers fashionably, adding accessories will add the perfect finishing touch to your nights’ outfit.

As for the layers of clothing, be cautious of adding more than one accessory in a specific area. Put on a necklace, watch, bracelet, ring or earrings if you have them.

How to Dress up Joggers for Work

When dressing up your joggers for work, you will want to follow the general practice above. Stay away from your hoodies, don’t over layer and make sure your shoes complement the outfit. The one difference is that you may not want to add any accessories when going to work or choose a different feel for them. 

Looking for an outfit for work tomorrow? How to wear joggers to work.

What are the Best Tops to Wear with Joggers?

The best tops to wear with joggers when dressing them up are sweaters or a proper cut jacket. You will want to wear a solid colour that doesn’t take over the desired look with both of these choices. Think dark blue, black, dark grey or light grey.

What are the Best Shoes to Wear with Joggers?

The best shoes to wear with joggers when dressing them are dress shoes. Most of us men do not find the opportunity to wear our suits and dress shoes, so this is an excellent opportunity to pull them out of your closet, shine them up and put them on. 

Be sure you have the proper socks to wear with your dress shoes because of the high cuffs on joggers. 

If your desired look is not to wear long dress socks, then the socks you choose MUST be ankle socks that do not show above your shoes. Allowing any shoe to show will ruin any look you have put together.

Our shoe guide will set you up right what shoes to wear with joggers.

How to Dress Up Joggers FAQ

To fashionably wear joggers as a man you want to first make sure your shoes are clean an the right look for the style you are going for. Next pair your joggers with a clean t-shirt and a jacket or add some layers with a shirt and windbreaker.

You can wear sweaters, peacoat, leather jacket, t-shirts, dress shirts or more casual flannel shirts with your joggers. All depending on what look you are trying to go for today.

For a man, the most worn look is to have your joggers well fitted to your legs and butt. There are a few looks that you can pull off baggy joggers, but in general joggers are not supposed to be baggy.

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