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How to Dress up Jeans: Men’s Guide

Learn how to dress up your jeans.

How to Dress up Jeans

Men's Jeans

Here is how to dress up your jeans as a man. First fellas, make sure your jeans are clean! Sure, jeans last longer than most pieces of clothing we wear but you can’t dress up a stained or scuffed up pants. Secondly, make sure the jeans you have on fit right. Baggy jeans are out of fashion, so make sure they are a clean fit. Lastly, whatever you wear, wear it with confidence!

This is How to Dress up Jeans: Men’s Guide.

Hey guys, welcome to our article on how to dress up jeans. Just because your nicest pair of pants is a pair of jeans (or multiples), it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress them up with the proper attire and look good doing it!

Do you have skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans, black jeans, faded jeans, baggy jeans, blue jeans, or any other types? It’s ok, we got you covered.

Before styling your attire for the day with your pair of jeans as the focal point, ask yourself these questions.

Are my jeans clean? 
If not, learn how to wash jeans & how to starch jeans.

Do my jeans fit 100% how I want them to?
If not, find out can you tailor jeans?  How to make jeans waist smaller & how to break in jeans.

Are my jeans wrinkle-free?
If not, learn how to iron jeans & how to fold jeans.

Now that we have your jeans looking the best they can, let me share the best tips to dress them up for a night out, a special occasion or a day at work.

How to Dress up Jeans

You have made the right choice of picking one piece of clothing to base your look on. It’s easier to put together that perfect vibe this way, and because of this, we have put together these other guides.

1. Footwear

Jeans are so versatile that you can wear any footwear, be it a shoe, boot or sandal, and still dress it up. Learning how to cuff your jeans correctly for the type of shoe you are wearing will add that extra touch.

The critical factor to any piece of footwear you choose must be clean

No, I didn’t say ‘new.’ Some of my best pairs of shoes are leather boots that I have had for seven years. They keep getting better with age, and all I need to do is give them a bit of love. 

Give your shoes a bit of love before you wear them by washing your shoes then drying your shoes in the dryer if your in a rush. If you can wait a day, it will be better to line dry or dry flat your shoes. Learn some more ways to dry your clothes without a dryer.

Follow our other shoe guides.

And don’t forget to give your laces plenty of attention.

If you are lacing up a pair of Adidas NMD_R1, give your laces a good cleaning beforehand.

Other intelligent choices for styling your shoes are low-cut or mid-cut dress shoes in black or brown and leather boots in black or brown.

2. T-shirts

When choosing what type of t-shirt to wear, a lot of this will best be decided on what you are most confident in. Confidence helps you pull off anything you are wearing, no matter how outside the box it may be.  

Keep these style tips in mind.

  • Wear a proper fitting t-shirt; nothing baggy, too short or too long.
  • Stick to single colour fabric choices.
  • Do not wear any printed t-shirts.
  • Stay away from v-necks.
  • Black, white and grey are always easy to work with.

3. Tops

Depending on the season and your destination, once dressed up, it will help you find the perfect top to wear over the t-shirt you chose. My first tip is to keep your hoodies hanging up in your closet.

If you want to wear a warm piece of cotton fabric, then wear a sweatshirt. Jeans, dress shoes, a minimal t-shirt and a light sweatshirt, will always be a classic and safe look. 

Other tops that work well with dress shoes (or a clean pair of sneakers) are a suit jacket or a leather jacket.

"There's a limit to how far you can dress things up if you're wearing a pair of battered old Wranglers."

4. Accessories 

The idea when accessorizing any look is to go for ‘less is more.‘ Suitable accessories for your jeans can be your favourite watch (leather strapped watches are ideal.) Instead of a watch, you can also wear a chain made from metal or fabric on your wrist. 

Choosing a sleek and straightforward necklace can dress up the look you have going on, especially if you select a t-shirt that hangs well on your shoulders with a slight scoop neck.

Don’t forget that the act of putting on a belt is an accessory. Choose your belt wisely.

And finally, a single ring can be an excellent addition. But don’t go overboard and start filling up your hands and wrists with multiple rings and chains.

How to Dress Up Jeans FAQ

To make your jeans look dressy as a man, you will first want to put on the right pair of shoes. Wearing dress shoes with your jeans is the best choice to look dressy, keep it simple and go for black dress shoes. Wear a buttoned up dress shirt with your jeans or a t-shirt with a suit jacket.

You can look stylish in your jeans as a man by making sure the cut of your jeans if the perfect fit for you. Go to the tailor if you need to, or buy your jeans bespoke. A proper fitting pair of jeans will fit your buttock, thighs and ankles snug but not too tight.

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