My fellow tall guys, the isometric bicep curl will not be something you add to your workout routine often. But when you do, it is a pretty injury free lift that can help add that extra muscle activation.

This static exercise introduces a distinctive approach to building strength and definition in the biceps without the conventional dynamic movement. Delving into the benefits, tall individuals can capitalize on increased time under tension, joint-friendly characteristics, and customizable intensity. 

With no specific disadvantages, the isometric bicep curl becomes a tailored choice for those with longer limbs. This article provides a step-by-step guide, ensuring tall guys can seamlessly incorporate this exercise into their arm workouts while focusing on controlled breathing for enhanced stability and concentration.

Table of Contents

Understanding Isometric Bicep Curls

Isometric exercises involve holding a static position, creating tension in the muscles without any change in joint angle. Isometric bicep curls specifically target the biceps, engaging and strengthening the muscles without the traditional dynamic movement. This type of exercise can be particularly beneficial for tall individuals seeking to overcome challenges associated with longer limbs.

how to do isometric bicep curl for tall guys

Isometric Bicep Curl Advantages For Tall Guys

Increased time under tension

Isometric contractions prolong the time under tension on the biceps, promoting muscle engagement and growth.


  • Isometric exercises are generally joint-friendly, making them suitable for tall individuals who may experience discomfort during certain dynamic movements.

Customizable intensity

  • Isometric bicep curls allow for customizable intensity, enabling tall guys to adjust the resistance and hold times based on their current strength levels.

Isometric Bicep Curl Disadvantages For Tall Guys

Focus On Form

Other than the usual needing to watch our posture during the isometric bicep curl and form when picking up the weight, there are no specific disadvantages to this lift.

Tools You'll Need

  • Dumbbells
this is a photo of a dumbbell to do an isometric bicep curl

How To Do Isometric Bicep Curls For Tall Guys

1. Isometric bicep curl set up

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, maintaining an upright posture.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand with an underhand grip, palms facing forward.

Tall guy tip: If you have lower back pain or find it tough to fully engage your core throughout the full exercise. Before making your first curl, stagger your stance slightly. Move your front foot 2-3 inches forward so your right heel is in line with the base of the toes of your left foot.

Doing this will help you initiate the lower core engagement needs to take any unnecessary pressure off your back.

this is a photo of tall Paul doing a standard stance for an isometric bicep curl
Standard stance
this is a photo of tall Paul holding dumbbells with an underhand grip for an isometric curl
this is a photo of tall Paul doing a stagger stance for an isometric bicep curl

2. Proper arm positioning

  • Start with your arms fully extended, holding the dumbbells by your sides.
this is a photo of tall Paul with his arms fully extended for an isometric curl

3. Controlled contraction

  • Begin the isometric contraction by flexing your biceps and lifting one dumbbell to a 90-degree angle, creating a static hold.
  • Maintain this position, focusing on squeezing your biceps and keeping your elbows close to your sides.
  • While the one arm is in a static hold, perform a regular bicep curl with your other arm.
this is a photo of tall Paul starting the isometric curl by creating a static hold with one arm
Create contraction
this is a photo of tall Paul maintaining the static hold with one arm
Static hold
this is a photo of tall Paul doing a bicep curl while other arm is in a static hold
Bicep curl

4. Maintain tension

  • Hold the contraction for a predetermined duration, such as 10 to 15 reps from the other arm.
  • Ensure that your muscles remain engaged throughout the entire hold.

5. Controlled release

  • Slowly lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position in a controlled manner, maintaining tension on the biceps.
this is a tall Paul doing the isometric bicep curl step one
Step 1
this is a tall Paul doing the isometric bicep curl step two
Step 2
this is a tall Paul doing the isometric bicep curl step three
Step 3
this is a tall Paul doing the isometric bicep curl step four
Step 4

6. Repeat step with other arm

  • Follow steps 3-5 for the other arm.

7. Repetitions and sets

  • Reps and sets all depend on your goals for the gym & what other lifts you have done that day to complement the dumbbell hammer curls.
  • I create tall guy workout plans, click through and message me your fitness goals and I can tell you the reps and set you will want to hit.

8. Controlled breathing

  • Focus on controlled breathing throughout the exercise, inhaling and exhaling steadily to enhance stability and concentration.