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How to Cuff Jeans: 7 Best Methods!

Learn how to cuff your jeans using the 5 most popular methods with our easy to follow instructional guide.

How to Cuff Jeans

Cuffed Pants

The type of cuff you choose for your jeans will depend on the fit and length on your jeans, as well as the type of shoes you are wearing. If your jeans are far too long then use the double cuff or the mega cuff. If you want to have a more tapered look, then use the pin roll method. If you simply want to add a little style to your outfit then you may prefer the skinny roll or single cuff.

This is How to Cuff Jeans: 7 Best Methods!

Cuffing your jeans is stylish, and can also help shorten the length of jeans that fit too long. 

In this article we give you instructions on how to cuff jeans using the 6 most popular methods. 

Use these cuffs on skinny or baggy jeans made from both light or dark denim. These cuffing methods are versatile and fun, so play around with them and see which ones works best with you personal style, as well as your shoe collection.

Cuffing your jeans may put more focus on your shoes, so make sure you wash your shoes often and clean your shoelaces

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How to Cuff Jeans

Cuffing your jeans is another angle in dressing up your jeans. Let your fashion sense flourish with the jean cuff.

Before you start cuffing you should give your jeans a once-over to make sure they are clean. Jeans shouldn’t be washed often, but you need to know how to wash your jeans properly when you do. Don’t dry your jeans in the dryer, instead line dry them or dry flat then iron your jeans once fully dry. And finally hang your jeans in the closer or fold your jeans to tuck away in a drawer so they don’t get wrinkled before you cuff them.

If you are short on time and can’t wait for them to air dry then make sure you know how to use a dryer properly so you don’t shrink your jeans. Read our article on how to wash jeans without shrinking for more insight, because jeans do shrink in the dryer.

Use the instructions below to learn how to cuff jeans. You can also replace the word cuff with “roll. Ie: How to roll jeans.

"Turn-ups on jeans have become the dominant fashion gradually over the past 20 years or so, in parallel with the popularity of higher quality, often Japanese denim.  "

1. Single Cuff

The single cuff is the OG of jean cuffing, and is quick, easy to do, and stylish. 

The single cuff method is best used when the length of your jeans is already perfect or near perfect. Make sure the cuff is even all the way around if you are trying to achieve a clean, modern look. If you are looking for a more casual and carefree outfit, you may leave the cuff looking uneven. 

How to Single Cuff

Flip the bottom of your jeans upwards and outwards, about 2 inches (5 cm) above the hem. That’s it. Now you’re ready to go.

2. Double Cuff

The double cuff is a single cuff, done twice. 

This method is best used when you are trying to take a little bit of length off your jeans. If your jeans are 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) too long, then the double cuff is perfect for you. 

How to Double Cuff

Make a single cuff on your jeans, and then do it again. Flip the bottom of your jeans upwards and outwards about 2 inches (5cm) above the hem. Complete the fold and do it again. 

3. Skinny Cuff

If you like the double cuff style, but have jeans that are too short for it, then the skinny cuff may be for you.  

This method works best when used on fitted, slim, or skinny jeans, 

How to Skinny Cuff

Fold the bottom of the jeans up 0.5 to 1 inches (1.5 to 3cm) and then roll two or three more times, depending on the length your your jeans.

4. Pin Roll

The pin roll will give your jeans a tapered look, especially from in the area from the knee to the ankle. This method also helps to showcase your shoes, so if you have on your best pair of kicks, then you may want to pin roll your jeans. 

This method is best used on tapered jeans that have a little too much length. 

How to Pin Roll

Grab the loose fabric on the backside of your jeans near your achilles tendon, and then pinch the inseam and fold vertically (up and down). Do a single cuff 1 to 2 inches (3 to 5 cm) upwards and outwards, as you continue to hold the excess fabric between your fingers. Use the cuff the trap the excess fabric. Repeat the cuff one more time for a sturdy cuff, and for a nice tapered look. 

5. Mega Cuff

The mega cuff is also known as the deep cuff, and is named this way because it is just a “mega” or enlarged version of the single cuff. 

This cuff is not for everyone and can be quite difficult to pull off well. This method is not suitable for jeans made from thin denim, because the fold will need some strength to stay in place.

This method is more suitable for tall men as opposed to short men, because the mega/deep cuff tends to make your legs look shorter. 

For best results use this method with baggy jeans made from thicker denim fabric.

How to Mega Cuff

This method is the same procedure as the single cuff, except roll the cuff upwards about 10 cm or 4 inches. 

6. Bicycle Cuff

The bicycle cuff is useful for active situations such as riding a bike, walking on the beach, or working in the garden. This cuff is more about keeping your jeans clean and protecting than from damage, then it is about style or fashion.

You’ve probably done this cuff a few times already, but you didn’t know it had a name!

How to Bicycle Cuff

Do a double cuff, or if your jeans are still loose, do a triple or quadruple cuff, and then slide the jeans up to the midway point of your calves. 

How to Cuff Jeans: Tips

Use these tips when cuffing your jeans using one of the above methods.

  • The cuff on your jeans should not sit any higher than the top of your shoe, unless you are doing the bicycle cuff. 
  • Dark denim looks nice when cuffed because of the dark/light denim contrast created by the roll. 
  • Cuffs are best used when your jeans are too long (you can tailor your jeans.) If the length of your jeans is perfect or too short, then you should not be cuffing them. 
  • The size of your cuff should match the style of your jeans. If your jeans are baggy, consider a bigger and more chunky cuff. If you jeans are skinny, keep the cuff slim and neat. 
  • You may want to use pins or a fabric adhesive to hold the cuff in place if it starts to roll down. 

How to Cuff Jeans FAQ

Cuff your jeans according to their length and fit. Do not try to cuff jeans if they are too short. Use larger cuffs on baggy jeans, and use a slim and neat cuff on skinny/fitted jeans.

Cuffing your jeans has become very stylish and practical. It is not weird to cuff your jeans, it is weird to wear jeans that are too long and dragging on the floor!

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