Hey, Tall guys, today I want to share something I wish I had known years ago.

I am going to show you how to start your wardrobe cost effectively, filling it with only staple pieces of clothing that will not only give you countless variations of outfits to wear but also last you a couple of years before needing a refresher.

From jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, chinos, dress shirts, hoodies to sweatpants, I have you covered.

I made thousands of dollars of purchasing mistakes in my teens and twenties, filling my closet with unique one-off pieces that were eventually worn only one or two times a year. 

I want to help you not do the same. 

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How To Build Your Wardrobe Cost Effectively As A Tall Man

First things first, I’m not saying throw out your entire wardrobe and add the list of 10 clothing garments below.

Instead, what I would suggest is to take a look at what I have here and see what pieces you own to compare. You might already have a solid staple wardrobe bought, you just don’t realize it!

If you come to the realization that what you have in your closet is closer to what I had in the past, filled with one-off pieces, then I suggest you find something below that you can see yourself wearing often and purchase that.

The beautiful thing about a wardrobe is that it is a fluid and ever-evolving thing.

Buy a piece you need here, donate a piece you have outgrown there, and sit and wait patiently until you find that perfect next piece always.

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1. Jeans

this is a photo of two pairs jeans
this is a photo of Tall Paul in a black t-shirt and black jeans

I’m starting my wardrobe with easily the most worn piece of clothing by tall guys: jeans.

 But instead of just having a single pair of jeans, I want you to find two pairs, and it’s best if you can find a single style by one brand that you enjoy. 

The two colors should be black and medium to light denim blue. With these two options, you will be able to dress casually each day and dress up slightly when needed, using black denim.

My two staple jeans are from American Tall, their Carman Tapered Jeans. I find that a tighter pair of jeans with good stretch is the most comfortable for me to wear, whether I’m working in the yard, running errands, or going out for a casual dinner.

These are the best jeans for tall men to help you see other options.

2. T-Shirts

Next is to have the right type and amount of T-shirts. I would say three T-shirts (two short-sleeve and one long-sleeve) is the bare minimum to get your wardrobe going. Instead of adding different styles of T-shirts, find your three looks and then purchase two colors of each to give you more styles to play with without busting your staple wardrobe.

I have one basic daily T-shirt from Navas Lab, the Crowe Bamboo Cotton Tall Tee. I like this T-shirt because the bamboo cotton they use allows for multiple wears (sometimes a few weeks) before needing to be washed. 

The fabric wards off natural buildup of body odor and the elasticity of the shirt allows it to always rebound back to its original shape no matter how many times you tug on it.

The next T-shirt is from Son Of A Tailor, the Pique T-Shirt. The focus for this T-shirt is to allow you to have an optional daily wear T-shirt that can also be worn dressed up. 

This Pique T-shirt has a unique feel because the fabric is the same as what you find in a collared polo shirt. 

Make sure this shirt is versatile and not just a dressing-up garment.

Lastly, I wear the Cotton Long-Sleeved T-shirt from Son Of A Tailor. Adding a long-sleeved T-shirt will give you more versatility in both seasons and more dressing-up options. 

I like to use Son Of A Tailor’s long sleeve over other Tall Men’s brands because the cut and fabric allow it to be worn dressed up, unlike most other brands’ ‘weekend sweatpants’ casual’ feel of their long sleeves.

These are the best t-shirts for tall men to help you see other options.

3. Sweater

this is a photo of the navas lab billy sweater
this is a photo of Tall Paul wearing the Navas Lab billy sweater in blue

I don’t see Tall men often wearing a proper-fitting sweater; instead, they go straight for a hoody. I, too, was like this until a few years ago when I finally found a sweater that fit me properly so I could see the value it had in my daily life. 

I use the Billy Sweater from Navas Lab. The sweater is made with the same care and quality of fabric as the T-shirt of theirs. However, I find it even more versatile. 

You want a sweater that can be worn comfortably around your house but can also be thrown on with a pair of dressy jeans or chinos, adding value to the entire look. 

These are the best sweaters for tall men to help you see other options.

4. Chino

this is a photo of blue chinos
this is a photo of Tall Paul wearing the son of a tailor pique t-shirt in white

You want one dress pant in your staple wardrobe to take your look past that level of black jeans. I chose Chinos because of how versatile they are. I like these dark blue chinos, however light brown or beige are also great options.

With a proper-fitting chino, you can wear multiple styles of shoes, T-shirts, shirts, and even sweaters. If you have another pair of dress pants that allows you such versatility, then use them. 

I got these chinos made one trip to Thailand, but I have yet to find a clothing brand that has a pair worth replacing them with. When I do I will be sure to update this section for you.

5. Dress Shirt

this is a photo of a son of a tailor blue Oxford shirt
this is a photo of tall paul in a son of a tailor blue Oxford shirt

You will want to have one dress shirt in your wardrobe to make sure you are ready for any occasion where a nice t-shirt doesn’t cut it. I like the blue oxford for its versatility; however, with so many shirts out there, you can get more unique in this purchase and find something that says “you.”

I will be the first to admit my go-to look is simple and classic, which doesn’t work for everyone.

I am wearing the Oxford Shirt from Son Of A Tailor. With their online made-to-measure system and affordable pricing, I suggest you start looking for your own shirt with Son Of A Tailor.

These are the best dress shirts for tall men to help you see other options.

6. Hoodie

this is a photo of a son of a tailor hoodie
this is a photo of Tall Paul in a son of a tailor hoodie

Ok, fellas, there are plenty of hoodies out there that fit us. I am choosing the Cotton Hoodie from Son Of A Tailor because of the capability it has to be worn more dressed up compared to the other brands. 

But American Tall, Plus 2 Clothing, and Navas Lab all make really nice hoodies that fit our long limbs. Each has its own unique feel and look.

You do not need your hoodie to level up a look. The hoodie can be a simple comfort-level type addition to your wardrobe.

These are the best hoodies for tall men to help you see other options.

7. Sweatpants

this is a photo of mediumtall sweatpants
this is a photo of Tall Paul ion mediumtalll sweatpants

Sweatpants fall into the same mind frame as your hoodie. Depending on your confidence and style, you may throw on sweatpants (or joggers) for a day out or even a casual evening. 

But let’s be honest, only a few of us will be doing that. Instead, find a comfortable pair that might also be a good look running errands on a weekend afternoon. 

Unfortunately, sweatpants and joggers are not as easy as hoodies to find a quality pair. That’s why I chose to wear the Tall Sweatpants from Medium Tall. 

These are the best sweatpants for tall men to help you see other options, or if joggers are more your style.

And there you have it guys a staple wardrobe build to help you not only look good no matter what event arises, but also help you not break the bank. 

If you have any other brands that you feel would fit in better for any of the pieces I’ve shared, please leave them below in the blogs comments.

Lets start sharing our finds with the rest of the tall men, the good , the ill fitting and the downright un-buyable.