Welcome to our article on sharing with you how much a shirt weighs. 

The fabric range and size of a sweater or other type of shirt vary too much for us to get a good range for you. However, finding a range between t-shirts, we were happy to share.

How Much Does a Shirt Weigh

How Much Does a Shirt Weigh?

A shirt weighs between 3oz (85grams) and 7oz (198.5g).

This average weight is taken between different T-shirt brands, sizes and fabrics like cotton, spandex, polyester and synthetic. The shirt you are curious about will likely come between these weights if it’s Small, Medium or Large. 

If you want to know how much a shirt that is an XL, XLT, 2XT or any other Tall Men or Big & Tall size, then that shirt will more than likely exceed the 7oz weight. 


A typical t-shirt will weigh between 3-7oz / 85-198.5g.

A 100% cotton shirt can weigh up to 6ox.

A typical shirt weighs between 3-7oz.

A good weight for a shirt all depends on the type of fabric you want. Taking a range of materials, you can find a good weight to be 5oz.