Joggers have seen a recent spike in popularity that has made the pants that were originally designed for runners and athletes, become a trendy and common piece of clothing among the masses.

Joggers are tight fitting tapered pants that are meant to give the wearer a slim or skinny look. This is different from sweatpants that are meant to be loose, spacious, and baggy.

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The length of joggers is shorter than sweatpants, and the elastic band at the bottom of your joggers should sit just above your ankle bone when you are standing straight up. 

Read our article to find out how long joggers should be, as well as how to style joggers, how to wash joggers, how to shrink joggers, and more. 

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How Long Should Joggers Be?

The bottom of your joggers pants should finish just above your ankle. When you are standing straight up in your natural posture, the bottom of your joggers should be 1 to 1.5 inches (3cm to 5cm) above your ankle joint. The elastic band on the bottom of your joggers should not be at or below your ankle bone, and should definitely not be low enough to touch the top of your shoe. If your joggers are too long you may want to consider buying a new size or try hemming your joggers.

Joggers are tapered pants that are meant to finish high at the ankle. Your joggers should not be as long as jeans or sweatpants, which both finish around the shoe. When you wear joggers there should be exposed skin between the bottom of your joggers and your shoes. You can choose to either go without socks, wear ankle socks, or wear tube socks that finish above the ankle cuff. 

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The bottom of your joggers should finish 3cm to 5cm above your ankle bone.

What Are Joggers?

Joggers are pants that were originally made for athletes participating in track and field as well as soccer. Joggers are slim fitting pants that have a “skinny” design and are tapered at the leg. Joggers have an elastic band at the bottom near the ankle, which enhances the slim fitting look of jogger pants. 

Joggers are typically made from a cotton or polyester blend and are stretchy, durable, and machine washable. Joggers have become a big part of casual modern fashion and are now a very popular type of garment that can be worn in a variety of different settings. 

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What Are The Different Types Of Joggers?

1. Athletic Joggers

Athletic joggers are absorbent, stretchy, durable joggers that are meant to be worn to the gym or while going for a run.

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2. Lounge Joggers

Lounge joggers are often made out of cotton or polyester fleece and are comfortable and warm. These joggers are meant to be worn around the house while you settle in for the night or cook breakfast in the morning.

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3. Everyday Joggers

Your everyday joggers are the ones that you can match with almost any outfit. These joggers keep you looking stylish as well as comfortable as you move throughout your day.

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4. Smart Joggers

Smart joggers are usually made from polyester and feature designs with pinstripes, madras, and glen check patterns. These types of joggers can easily be paired with clothing choices that make a business casual appropriate type of outfit.

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How Should Joggers Fit?

Joggers, unlike baggy sweatpants, are meant to have a more tailored and skinny look. Joggers are tapered down the leg, and have elastic in the waistband as well as around the ankle. 

The length of your joggers should be so that the elastic band at the bottom is just a few centimeters above your ankle bone. The bottom of the joggers should not be so low that it can touch the tops of your shoes. Your joggers should end at or above the top of your ankle bone. 

Your joggers should fit tight around the waist, and you should not have to pull the drawstring too hard in order to keep your pants up. The joggers should fit tightly around your butt while also comfortably hugging your quads and hamstrings. Your joggers should fit your thighs the same way a pair of skinny jeans would. 

Most joggers are made with a stretchy cotton or polyester blend which means even though your joggers are tight, you won’t lose any range of motion or comfort.

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How to Style Joggers

Joggers have become increasingly popular in contemporary fashion and can be styled in a variety of different ways for all types of occasions. 

Your everyday joggers can be styled with a fitted t-shirt, bomber jacket, and low white runners to give you a stylish yet comfortable look while you meet a friend for lunch. Smart joggers can perhaps be paired with a fitted V-neck short sleeve t-shirt, a thin blazer, and a pair of suede daily shoes, for when you are going to visit with a client. 

The best thing you can for your joggers is dress the up like jeans.

How to wash joggers

Ideally joggers can be washed in the washing machine on the delicate cold water setting. Most joggers are made from either a cotton or polyester blend which means using cold water is the best way to wash them. 

To wash joggers first turn them inside out before you place them into the washing machine. Adjust the settings on the washing machine to delicate and use the cold water function. Add a few drops of liquid laundry detergent into the washing machine and run the wash cycle. Once the joggers are finished in the wash either hang to dry (line dry), dry flat or use the dryer on tumble dry low. 

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How to shrink joggers

The most effective way to shrink joggers is by using the washing machine and dryer. Joggers made from different types of fabric will shrink to different degrees, but joggers made from 100% cotton or a cotton blend will shrink the most. 

To shrink joggers in the washing machine you will need to adjust the settings on the washer to the highest water temperature possible. Hot water shrinks clothes which means you should use the hot water setting for the longest wash cycle duration possible. 

After the wash cycle has been completed, place your joggers into the dryer and adjust the settings to tumble dry high. Tumble dry high uses the highest heat levels in the dryer, which will help to further shrink your joggers.

By using the highest heat settings in both the washer and dryer you will be able to effectively shrink your joggers.


Yes, jogger pants are supposed to be shorter than jeans or sweatpants. Jogger pants have a tapered leg that finishes with an elastic ankle band that should reach to just above the ankle. The bottom of your joggers should be 1 inch or 3 cm above your ankle bone.

Joggers are supposed to be tight fitting and skinny. Properly worn joggers will fit slim around the buttocks and legs, finish just above the ankle, and be paired with other tight fitting clothing.

If your joggers are too long you may either cuff or hem the bottoms. To cuff the bottom of your joggers simply place an elastic band around your ankle while you wear the joggers, and proceed to fold the joggers up and behind the elastic band until you have reached your desired length. If you would like to hem the bottom of your joggers the best way is to take them to a professional alteration shop.