Welcome to our article, helping you understand how long dry cleaning takes. 

Dry cleaning is a handy service if your life is too hectic to wash your clothes on your own. Another reason you may choose to go to the dry cleaners is to clean the more delicate pieces you own like dress shirts, suits, winter jackets and heavy coats.

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?

There is a 24-48hr window that is followed globally by dry cleaning businesses. Your waiting period will vary depending on how many clothes you need to clean and the type of clothing (a winter parka will take longer than a t-shirt).

It is possible to get your clothes dry cleaned in one working day. However, you will most likely be charged more for the service. Find out how much dry cleaning costs.

5 Reasons you might wait longer for your dry cleaning

  1. Holidays.
  2. Big local events.
  3. In a city that doesn’t use in-apt washers & dryers.
  4. Extremely soiled clothes.
  5. Dropping off laundry at the end of a work day.


Yes, clothes can be dry cleaned in a day. They will most likely charge you more for ‘same day service.’

Dry cleaners take between 1-2 days. This is not a long time to have your clothes thoroughly washed, ironed, and ready to wear. If they take too long for you, you can wash, dry and iron your clothes at home.

Dry cleaning will take between 24-48hrs in most cities in the world.