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Hoodies for Tall Men: Guide to Wearing & Shopping

The ultimate Tall Men hoodie guide for your shopping and wearing peace of mind.

Best Hoodies For Tall Men

Tall Hoodies

Welcome to your guide for all things hoodies for Tall Men. Below you will learn how to take care of your hoodie, how to keep it soft and the best way to layer it. Most importantly I have added a list of all the brands that make tall hoodies for you that range from baggy to lean to zippered and more.

This is the Hoodies for Tall Men: Guide to Shopping & Wearing.

In this article, I will give you the rundown on how to treat your hoodie right so it lasts long, what you can wear with it to style it and finally give you the top Tall Men brands making hoodies just for you.

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How Much Longer is a Tall Hoodie?

In general, a Tall Men’s hoodie will be a minimum of 1-2 inches longer. This length will appear in both the length of the waist and in the arms. Unlike Big & Tall clothing, you will not see the size of the waist go out as the length gets longer. This will keep your Tall hoodie long but slim, fitting your body more fashionably.

How Should a Hoodie Fit on a Guy?

When looking for the perfect fitting Tall Men hoodie, you will want to make sure the shoulders are snug while the chest down to your waist stays draped consistently. You do not want your waist to billow out if you are looking for a more fashionable look to wear out. 

If your looking for a comfy hoodie to lounge about your home or use during your daily fitness routine, then a more loose-fitting hoodie will work.

How to Fold Hoodies

I would first suggest you hang your hoody up using a hangar. However, if you do not have space or need to fold it for a trip, this is how to fold your hoodie.

  1. Flip the hoodie backwards and upsidedown 
  2. Cross the arms across the back
  3. Fold the hoodie in half horizontally 
  4. Fold the hoodie vertically into quarters, creating a square
  5. Tuck the hood over the rest of the hoodie

How to Style Hoodies

You can style your hoodie with any layering coat or jacket that you have. A leather jacket, denim jacket or flannel jacket will add that sense of style to such a simple piece of clothing. If you want to stand out a bit more and own your Tall Men stature, throw on a parka or a peacoat.

Be sure to start your outfit off with the right fitting pair of jeans, and the right pair of shoes to match them.

How to Keep Hoodies Soft

Here are seven tips to keep your hoodie soft as the years pass by.

  1. Use the right detergent 
  2. Remove stains properly
  3. Don’t use fabric softener
  4. Turn your sweatshirt inside out before washing
  5. Put your sweatshirts into the wash with similar items
  6. Run an extra rinse cycle 
  7. Do not put them in the dryer

How Many Times can you Wear a Hoodie Before Washing it?

You should go around five to seven wears before washing your hoodie, which is the general rule of thumb. Of course, this will vary depending on the type of activity you are doing with it and how long you wear it each time.

Should you Zip Up a Hoodie Before Washing?

You should always zip up your hoodie before putting it into the washer. Zippers can do a great deal of damage to your washing machine. Also, this will help make sure your hoodie doesn’t get unnecessarily stretched while washed.

Tall Men Clothing

To help you find all your tall men’s clothing needs with ease, I have created these other articles. Plus this height chart from cm to feet.

Hoodies for Tall Men

Now that I have gone over the basics for maintaining and wearing your hoodie let me help you find the right places online to buy your hoodie.

I am a lover of hoodies myself, and I understand the ease it is for us Tall Men to choose to wear a hoodie daily instead of trying to dress up. However, with all the fashion advice, I have for you, I hope you are more confident in trying new looks and styling your daily wear with hip new ways to wear your hoodie if you do put one on.

The first group of companies below are Tall Men brands that are fully focused on keeping us Tall, lean, slim, skinny and fit guys looking good. You will find the most extensive range and best overall hoodie fits with them.

The second group of companies are the Big brands who have added a Big & Tall section to their men’s line. With the general fashion trend of longer-fitting hoodies that don’t billow out as the sizes go up, you will have a good variety of options with these brands as well.

Here is where to buy hoodies for Tall Men.

Tall Men Hoodie Brands

American Tall

American Tall has hoodies ranging from small Tall all the way up to 2XL extra Tall. You can find both pull over and zip up styles with a wide colour range for your choosing.


2Tall is a leading United Kingdom brand in the market of Tall Men clothing and carries a line of hoodies. 2Tall has a range of pullover and zippered hoodies that are made for slim and athletic builds from 6’3 all the way over 7 feet tall.

Navas Lab

Navas Lab has a couple of options for buying your hoodie. There is a both a zip up option and a pull over, however these thin hoodies are great for layering bigger coats and jackets over them

Big Brands with Tall Men Hoodies

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer will have some hoodies sized right for Tall Men in their men’s Big & Tall fashion line.

Mac Weldon

Mack Weldon will have some hoodies sized right for Tall Men in their men’s fashion line.

Old Navy

Old Navy will have some hoodies sized right for Tall Men in their men’s fashion line.


Carhartt will have some hoodies sized right for Tall Men in their Big & Tall men’s fashion line.

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Tall Paul
Tall Paul
Paul Marlow, standing at an impressive 6'7 (201cm) and weighing 225lb (102kg), is a mental health speaker, fashion expert, and ex-athlete who excels at helping tall men find well-fitting clothing and teaching them how to style it effectively. As a model in the fashion and film industries, Paul shares his expertise in tall men's fashion, offering valuable advice on measurements, tailoring, and alterations. In addition, he founded Never Alone, an organization that provides mental health and therapy inspiration, and started the Mental Growth Newsletter to support those facing mental health challenges, drawing from his own experiences.

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