Is it possible to alter a pair of joggers so they fit you? Perhaps tailor them on your own or take them to a professional tailor?

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This is a photo of tall paul tailoring joggers

Can You Tailor Joggers?

Yes, you can tailor your joggers! 

Tailoring your joggers is an excellent idea if you have changed weight since you bought them and need to take them in on the butt or throughout the upper legs or calves. 

Or maybe you bought the wrong size online because you didn’t know how to measure your inseam? You can send them back, but is it worth the hassle and time to get the right size back?

Before you do anything else, please take 3 minutes and read our article how are joggers supposed to fit. Joggers are not like sweatpants; they sit differently on your quads, their cuff is there for a reason, and they sit in a different spot on your ankle. There are many differences between joggers vs sweatpants.

Now that you have a better idea of how your joggers should fit let’s dive into the age-old question… Can you tailor joggers?

How Do You Get Joggers Tailored?

Getting joggers tailored is a reasonably straightforward process. If you have a tailor you have worked with before, you will want to take the pair of joggers you want altered in and let them know what kind of alterations you want. You can also take them to your local dry cleaners most the time.

Put on your joggers at the Tailors and show them exactly what changes you want made to get the best results. They can take out their sewing tape and chalk and make the appropriate marks to get the alterations just right.

How Do You Fix Joggers That Are Too Long?

Fixing joggers that are too long is a much better problem than fixing joggers that are too short. You can always take away fabric. There are many things you can do at home, all you need to do is know how to hem your joggers.

This is a tall paul tailoring his joggers using a sewing tape
Tailoring joggers at home
This is tall paul tailoring his joggers by shrinking them
Tailoring joggers by shrinking them

Another solution to fixing joggers that are too long is to shrink them. When shrinking anything, whether joggers or a t-shirt, you need to realize that you do not have complete control of what parts will shrink. No matter how cautious you are.

The safest and most reliable option is to take them to the tailors to get them to fit your joggers properly.

If your unsure how long your joggers are supposed to be read our article how long should joggers be?

What Can You Tailor Joggers Into?

Joggers are a very versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in any occasion. Let our article how to wear joggers fashionably dress you up for success.

But are they versatile enough to be turned into other pants, or vice versa?

1. Can you tailor track pants into joggers?

Yes, you could tailor track pants into joggers. The fabric of sweatpants will make it hard to get a clean stitch when altering the pants, and you may get unwanted holes because of it. But the overall fit of track pants is not far off a jogger because that was how joggers started, as track pants!

2. Can you tailor joggers into sweatpants?

No, tailoring joggers into sweatpants 99% of the time will not work. However, you can loosen the cuff of your joggers and call them sweatpants. They will be just fine to wear at home with no one to see them, but I would not suggest wearing them out dressed up as sweatpants.

How Do I Tighten My Waist Around My Joggers?

Joggers usually have an elastic waistband accompanied by a drawstring. Having these two pieces generally makes your joggers hip-hugging when you put them on, making them very hard to slide down on their own. 

If your joggers’ waist is too loose, you should first tighten the drawstring. If that does not help, you will need to change the elastic band inside the waist with a tighter elastic.

If you lost your drawstring while washing your joggers, then follow our guide on how to put string back in joggers.

Look at our guides on tailoring other pieces of clothing in your closet and drawers.


Yes it is possible to shorten your joggers. Doing so will be more difficult than shortening a pair of jeans or sweatpants due to the fabric and elastic band cuffs. Take your joggers to a tailor if you need to shorten them

To make your joggers tighter you can shrink them using heat and water or you can take them to a tailor to get taken in and altered.

If your joggers are too long you have two choices to fix them. One being shrink them in a hot water wash and then the dryer with it set on high. The second option is to take them to your tailor to alter them and shorten the leg length.