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Can You Put Shoes In The Washing Machine: Yes!

Are you looking to clean your shoes?

Having a dirty pair of shoes is the fastest way to ruin any wardrobe choice. With your shoes being in contact with dirt, grass, grease, and so much more on a daily occurrence, it is only time until your sneaks need to be cleaned. 

Can You Put Shoes In The Washing Machine

Can You Put Shoes In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put shoes in the washing machine. The washing machine is the best way to wash your shoes, running shoes, gym shoes or fashionable sneakers. These shoes are generally synthetic fabrics like nylon, cotton and polyester. Suede, leather or vinyl should never go in the wash.

The washing machine will remove dirt and grime from the overall body of the shoe plus reduce the odors that occur from long-term sweat buildup.

Just be sure to not put your shoes in the dryer once washed.


Yes, it is safe to wash your shoes in the washing machine. The washing machine will be your best and most effective way to clean your shoes.

No, your shoes will not get ruined in the washing machine if you follow the directions correctly.

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Tall Paul
Tall Paul
Paul Marlow, standing at an impressive 6'7 (201cm) and weighing 225lb (102kg), is a mental health speaker, fashion expert, and ex-athlete who excels at helping tall men find well-fitting clothing and teaching them how to style it effectively. As a model in the fashion and film industries, Paul shares his expertise in tall men's fashion, offering valuable advice on measurements, tailoring, and alterations. In addition, he founded Never Alone, an organization that provides mental health and therapy inspiration, and started the Mental Growth Newsletter to support those facing mental health challenges, drawing from his own experiences.

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