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Can You Put Shoes In The Dryer: No, Here Is Why!

Learn how to dry your shoes and if they can be put in the dryer.

The quickest way to ruin an outfit is to put on a pair of dirty shoes.

I am going to help you wash your shoes, understand how to dry them, and then show you the best ways to style your shoes.

can you put shoes in the dryer

Can You Put Shoes In The Dryer?

No, you do not want to put your shoes into the dryer. Using a dryer to dry your sneaker has too high of a risk of altering the shoe’s fabric, making it warp and stretch. The heat (learn how hot does a dryer get) and constant tumbling will put stress on your shoes that they were not made to endure.

I would only suggest you use a dryer when using an old pair of shoes, and making sure the tumble dry setting is low . Where changing the look and feel of the shoe is not a negative outcome in your use of them.

Instead of using a dryer, you want to air dry your shoes. Let our articles below help you choose whats best for your living situation.

If you choose to dry your shoes in the dryer, follow our article to give yourself the best chance of not ruining the shoe completely. Know how to user a dryer properly also.

Before you dry your shoes, you must first wash them (wash your shoelaces also at this time). If you’ve gotten stains on your shoes or they are just overdue for a good cleaning, these articles below will take you step by step in caring for them.


Do not dry your shoes in the dryer because it will most likely damage them. Instead, stuff your shoes with newspaper and lay them flat to dry on top of the dryer while it is on with other clothes in it.

Your shoes can shrink, warp and fall apart at the seam in the dryer. The heat from the drying machine plus the tumbling, will put a lot of stress on your shoe that it was not made for.

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Tall Paul
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