Tall Mens Fashion Advice

Son of a Tailor

Son of a Tailor is a Danish clothing brand that specializes in made-to-measure T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other knitwear. Son of a Tailor uses a custom sizing technology that allows customers to order clothing made to their exact measurements. This technology ensures that the clothing fits perfectly and is made to last. Son of a Tailor prides itself on using only the highest quality materials, such as 100% organic cotton and Italian merino wool, and producing its garments in a sustainable and ethical way.

Son of A Tailor T-Shirts

Son of a Tailor t-shirts are high-quality, made-to-measure t-shirts that are designed to fit each customer’s body perfectly. The company uses proprietary sizing technology to create a custom pattern for each customer based on their unique measurements. With the sizing technology, us Tall Men can choose from a variety of styles, including crew-neck, V-neck, and long-sleeve t-shirts, as well as a range of colors and fabrics knowing that they will fit us perfectly.