Big and Tall Robes: Guide to Shopping

The ultimate Big & Tall Robes guide for your shopping and wearing peace of mind.

Big and Tall Robes

Plus Size Robes

These are the top 5 big and tall robe businesses to buy from online:

  • Amazon
  • Kohl’s
  • Walmart
  • Kingsize
  • DXL

This is the Big and Tall Robes: Guide to Shopping.

Welcome to our article on Big & Tall Robes.

You will find the best Big & Tall robes online to buy for you, your lover or all of you moms looking for Christmas morning gifts for your little but big boy.

I do not have any styling tips for you when wearing your robe, but if you are looking for advice on picking the proper lengths and sizes, I have laid that all out for you in this robes for tall men article.

Big & Tall Clothing

To help you find all the right clothes that fit your body I created these other articles.

Big and Tall Robes

Here are the leading brands making men’s robes for plus sized men from men’s robes with hoods to floor length robes.


Amazon has a wide selection of plus sized robes for you and even their own line of robes with Amazon Essentials.


Kohl’s carries the brands Men’s Hanes, Big & Tall Hanes, Big & Tall Sonoma and  Big & Tall Residence.


Walmart carries robes from Kingsize, Ross Michaels, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Towelnrobe and more.


Kingsize carries robes for men that come in terry velour, flannel, fleece, cotton and more types of fabrics.


DXL carries men’s cotton robes and other fabrics from Majestic International and Harbour Bay.

Written and reviewed by:
Tall Paul
Tall Paul
I am 6'7 (203cm) / 235lb (106 kg) model and ex-athlete. Since I was a teen I had trouble finding clothes. I was too tall for off the rack and was too lean for Big & Tall.

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