Big and Tall Joggers: Guide to Shopping

This is your Big and Tall joggers guide.

Big and Tall Joggers

Plus Sized

Choose one of these top business’s to buy your Big and Tall joggers.

  • Kohls
  • Boohooman
  • Nordstom

This is the Big and Tall Joggers: Guide to Shopping.

If you are looking for Big and Tall joggers to add to your closet, this article is what you need. 

It is hard to find a well-fitting piece of clothing, which is even more evident in the jogger with its tighter cut pants. Unlike its counterpart, sweatpants, the fabric is less giving, and there is not as much extra fabric to make a loos fit.

If you are looking for a tall men jogger guide, check out our link below.

Can Big Guys Wear Joggers?

Yes, big guys can wear joggers. Joggers are a great piece of fashion that can be worn comfortably inside your house and dressed up and taken out in public. The only thing big guys need to do is find the proper brands that make joggers that fit them.

Where are Joggers Supposed to Fit?

Joggers’ main areas to focus on when checking their fit if it is suitable for you is firstly the ankles. The cuff of the jogger should sit just above the ankle, touching the top of the ankle. The fit of the cuff should hug your skin lightly. The second area to look at is the crotch, making sure it isn’t ‘droopy.’

What to Wear With Smart Joggers?

Pairing your joggers with what to wear depends on how flashy you are. A basic, clean look is to wear your joggers with a well-fitting single-colour t-shirt (baggy shirts do not look good with joggers) and a fresh pair of runners. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus or New Balances’s 997H are always a good choice. 

Big & Tall Clothing

To help you find all the right clothes that fit your body I created these other articles.

Men's Big and Tall Joggers

Below we have the top brands online that make plus-size joggers that will fit 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL and up. If you are unsure if you want a jogger or sweatpants, the article joggers vs sweatpants will help guide you down the right shopping path.

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Men's Tall Joggers


Kohl’s has a dedicated Big and Tall line that features brands like Champion, Adidas, Jersey, Men’s Haggar, Union Bay, FLX Performance and more.


BoohooMan’s has two lines, Boohoo Plus & Curve clothing and Boohoo Tall. In these they have basic joggers, joggers, plain joggers and printed joggers.


Nordstroms’ Big and Tall line carries brands like Vuori, Zella, 7 Diamonds, Good Man Brand, Jordan, Puma, Super Dry and more.


Walmart’s Big and Tall line carries brands like King Size, G-Style USA, Athletic Works, Hanes, Allsense, Alternative and more.


Amazon carries their own Amazon Essentials line plus other brands like Underarmour, South Pole, Nike and more.

Written and reviewed by:
Tall Paul
Tall Paul
I am 6'7 (203cm) / 235lb (106 kg) model and ex-athlete. Since I was a teen I had trouble finding clothes. I was too tall for off the rack and was too lean for Big & Tall.

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