Hey, tall guys aiming to get strong and thick triceps, there’s a tricky line we all must play: How do I get after it in the gym without injuring myself? Injuries can come from many reasons, but they all revolve around how long our limbs are.

Many tricep exercises need a special tweak here and there to help us get maximum engagement out of the lift, plus set ourselves up for a solid base for injury-free lifting.

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Best Tricep Exercises For Tall Guys

This guide is about the best tricep exercises made just for tall guys. I’ll break it down so you know exactly what to do for killer arms that fill out your tall guy t-shirts. Whether you’re a gym pro or a newbie, these tips will help you avoid mistakes and get those impressive triceps while lessening the chance of injury.

I have divided the best tricep exercises for tall guys into two groups. The first group consists of exercises that combine safety and growth 50/50. If you are a gym beginner, these can be great building blocks until you feel comfortable expanding your exercise routine.

The second group consists of the best pound-for-pound tricep lifts you can do to grow those long arms.

Best Tricep Exercises For Our Height And Safety

1. Tricep Kickbacks

Tall guys, tricep kickbacks are a game-changer, offering isolated tricep engagement without compromising form. Ideal for longer limbs, this exercise focuses on the triceps’ long head, promoting comprehensive development. Joint-friendly when executed correctly, it accommodates tall individuals seeking to avoid unnecessary elbow stress. Whether with dumbbells or resistance bands, tricep kickbacks provide versatile training options. Proper setup is crucial to avoid injuries, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe back and core position. Check out the step-by-step guide for effective tricep kickbacks tailored for tall guys and maximize your workout gains.

this is a photo of tall Paul doing a tricep kickback

2. Band Tricep Overhead Extensions

Tall guys, level up your tricep game with band tricep overhead extensions – a dynamic, joint-friendly powerhouse. With customizable resistance and tricep isolation, this exercise, achievable with a resistance band, brings versatility to your workout routine. Blast your triceps with this simple yet effective lift, enhancing strength for a boosted bench press. The setup is straightforward, and there are no disadvantages for tall individuals. Check out the step-by-step guide for a solid tricep workout that you can perform virtually anywhere, from home to the gym.

this is a photo of tall Paul doing a band triceps overhead extension

3. Skull Crusher

Tall guys, master the skull crusher for a tricep blast that fills out those tall guy tees. This guide addresses challenges taller individuals may face and emphasizes the exercise’s unique benefits, boosting your bench press game. From tricep isolation and joint-friendly movements to versatile equipment adaptations, the advantages are significant. Incorporating skull crushers into your routine contributes to improved tricep definition and strength, with no specific disadvantages for tall guys. Check out the step-by-step guide for a powerful tricep workout that enhances overall arm development.

this is a photo of tall Paul doing a skull crusher

Best Tricep Exercises For Growing Tall Guys Arms

1. Close Grip Bench Press

Tall guys, discover the close-grip bench press – a tricep-focused powerhouse offering unique advantages for our stature. This guide delves into tricep emphasis, reduced shoulder stress, enhanced chest engagement, and improved lockout strength. Addressing initial challenges due to longer limbs, the step-by-step guide ensures proper form, making this bench variation a game-changer for tall lifters. Engage your triceps, reduce shoulder stress, and enhance overall upper body strength with the close-grip bench press tailored for tall guys.

this is a photo of tall Paul doing a close grip bench press

2. Overhead Tricep Extensions

Tall guys, embrace the overhead tricep extension tailored for our longer frames. This exercise effectively isolates and defines the triceps, overcoming challenges presented by extended limbs during weightlifting. Discover the joint-friendly and versatile nature adaptable to various equipment, including dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, or cables. With no specific disadvantages for those with longer arms, master this tricep workout to achieve optimal results and overall upper arm strength.

this is a photo of tall Paul doing an overhead tricep extension

3. Cable Rope Tricep Pushdowns

Tall guys, cable rope tricep pushdowns offer effective isolation and definition for the triceps, maintaining joint-friendly mechanics for comfort during the exercise. This adaptable workout, usable with various cable machines or resistance bands, ensures constant tension for optimal muscle engagement. The step-by-step guide features no specific disadvantages for tall individuals, seamlessly integrating cable rope tricep pushdowns into your tricep training routine for stronger and well-defined triceps.

this is a photo of tall Paul doing a cable rope tricep pushdown