Hey Tall Fam, or family and friends, looking to shop for the best swimsuits for tall guys. 

I am Tall Paul, the leading global Tall Men’s fashion influencer. I am 6’7 (201cm), and 225lbs (102kg), which puts me right in the middle of the Tall Men size guides from 6’3-7’1. 

I have worn all the swimwear below, so you can be sure I am giving you hands-on size and style tips when shopping for the best swimsuits for tall men.

You can also find the best clothing brands for tall guys for all your shopping needs.

Best Swimsuits For Tall Guys

When looking for the best Swimsuits for tall guys, the main areas I focus on are:

  • Inseam length
  • Fit of the leg width
  • Type of fabric used
  • The ability to sit and squat without fabric resistance

These four major areas will make or break a pair of swimwear for tall guys.

Below you will not only find the best swimsuits for tall men but also how they look when styled.

1. American Tall

American Tall is one of the leading Tall Men’s and Tall Women’s online brands. They have an assortment of swimwear made for men 6’3-7’1. Find all the swimwear I have reviewed on the American Tall Swimwear page.

Swimsuit price range: $35 – $59 USD

10% Off Coupon Code: TALLPAUL10

Top 3 American Tall Swimsuits

tall paul wearing american tall swim trunks for tall guys
Swim Trunks
tall paul wearing american tall board shorts for tall guys
Board Shorts
tall paul wearing american tall oceanside shorts for tall guys
Oceanside Shorts

Honorable Mentions

I haven’t had the chance to review every brand that makes swimsuits for tall men. And I do not want to lie to you by copying and pasting other “best of” lists.

Here are other brands that have “Tall Swimsuits” in their shop that may fit you. I will be adding the fully detailed reviews of all of these brands, sign up to my tall men’s fashion newsletter list to not miss out on each new review.