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Hey Tall Fam, or family and friends, looking to shop for the best hoodies for their tall loved ones. 

I am Tall Paul, the leading global tall men’s fashion influencer. I am 6’7 (201cm), and 225lbs (102kg), which puts me right in the middle of the tall men size guides from 6’3-7’1. 

I have worn all the hoodies below with reviews on them, so you can be sure I am giving you hands-on size and style tips when shopping for the best hoodies for tall guys.

You can also find the best clothing brands for tall guys for all your shopping needs.

  • Best Hoodie for tall guys overall: Son Of A Tailor Cotton Hoodie
  • Best long length Hoodie for tall guys: Plus 2 Tall Hoodie
  • Best Zip-up Hoodie for tall guys: Navas Lab Hawkins
best hoodies for tall guys

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Best Hoodies For Tall Guys

When looking for the best hoodies for tall men, the main areas I look at in a hoodie are:

  • How long is the torso of the hoodie
  • Does the torso billow
  • Are the sleeves long enough
  • What type of fabric is used
  • What quality is the stitching and overall make of the hoodie

These five major areas will make or break a hoodie for tall guys.

Below you will not only find the best hoodies for tall guys but also how they look when styled.

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1. Son Of A Tailor

Son Of A Tailor is a Danish made to measure clothing brand that has created a very accurate online measuring system that is easy to use. The hoodies from Son Of A Tailor match the classic style the rest of the clothing line has, with an abundance of comfort and quality.

I’ve chosen the Cotton Hoodie from Son Of A Tailor for number one on this list for multiple reasons. The first being that this is the only made-to-measure brand, giving you the buyer the perfect fit. After that the quality of the hoodie is one of the top on this list and the versatility of the hoodie stands alone at the top.

Hoodie price: $148 USD

2. Plus 2 Clothing

+2 Clothing (also seen as Plus 2 Clothing) is a Tall Guy’s line out of Australia. The Tall Hoodie is long in length, in sleeves but doesn’t billow out in the waist. The brand has ensured the length of its tops fits all torso measurements.

If you’re looking for a comfy cozy fall and winter season hoodie that is well made, then this is the hoodie you want to purchase. The Tall Hoodie is a thick cotton with extreme length and no billow to it. 

It’s not as versatile a hoodie as the Cotton Hoodie, but price point wise if your looking for a daily wear then this could be the right option for you.

Hoodie price: $63.34 USD

3. American Tall

American Tall is the American Apparel of clothing brands but for Tall Guys and Ladies. You can everything from golf shirts to nursing scrubs on their site. The two hoodies they have are a nice basic approach to the pullover and the zip-up.

The Fleece Pullover is a great standard hoodie that does everything you need. It’s long enough in the arms while sits nicely in the waist, and has a pleasant cut from the hoodie to chest and armpit holes.

If your looking for a wear around home, take to the gym, do yard work and toss onto the floor when done then in then this is your hoodie. It’s the Swiss army knife at a cheap price point. 

Hoodies price range: $55 – $69 USD

American Tall 10% Off Coupon Code: TALLPAUL10

Navas Lab sticks to their guns when it comes to sourcing all their material from Canada, then getting the hoodies made in country as well. The end product comes at a price point higher than the rest of the brands on this page, but the longevity and quality of product shows up when you put the hoodies on. 

The entire line of Navas Lab is based around the ethos of layering. And because of that I found the hoodies to be more airy then I personally prefer. Length wise everything fit well and the feel of the fabric was quality, but I just couldn’t get over the extra space between my skin and the fabric throughout the entire hoodie.

However, the Vasquez is more of a hoodie I can get behind. It fits more into the category of long sleeve shirt with a hood on it, but thats still a hoodie to me. And the bamboo cotton fabric stretch gives this top an extremely comfortable wear.

Hoodies price range: $124 – $192

Navas Lab 10% Off Coupon Code: TALLPAUL

5. TallSlim Tees

TallSlim Tees makes clothing for slim and tall guys. TallSlim Tees hoodies are the cheapest price point on this list. You get what you pay for with this hoodie however. 

Me being 6’7, 225lbs with an overall athletic build, I didn’t fit very comfortably into the shoulders and chest of this Pullover Hoodie.

It may be only made for Slim/Skinny Tall men like their brand implies. 

Hoodies price range: $50 – $59 USD

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