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Hey Tall Fam, or family and friends, looking to shop for the best hoodies for their tall loved ones. 

I am Tall Paul, the leading global tall men’s fashion influencer. I am 6’7 (201cm), and 225lbs (102kg), which puts me right in the middle of the tall men size guides from 6’3-7’1. 

I have worn all the hoodies below with reviews on them, so you can be sure I am giving you hands-on size and style tips when shopping for the best hoodies for tall guys.

You can also find the best clothing brands for tall guys for all your shopping needs.

  • Best Hoodie for tall guys overall: American Tall Fleece Pullover
  • Best Hoodie for tall guys for overall length: Plus 2 Tall Hoodie
  • Best Zip-up Hoodie for tall guys: Navas Lab Hawkins
best hoodies for tall guys

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Best Hoodies For Tall Guys

When looking for the best hoodies for tall men, the main areas I look at in a hoodie are:

  • How long is the torso of the hoodie
  • Does the torso billow
  • Are the sleeves long enough
  • What type of fabric is used
  • What quality is the stitching and overall make of the hoodie

These five major areas will make or break a hoodie for tall guys.

Below you will not only find the best hoodies for tall guys but also how they look when styled.

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1. Plus 2 Clothing

+2 Clothing (also seen as Plus 2 Clothing) is a Tall Guy’s line out of Australia. The Tall Hoodie is long in length, in sleeves but doesn’t billow out in the waist. The brand has ensured the length of its tops fits all torso measurements.

Hoodie price: $63.34 USD

2. American Tall

American Talls hoodies are stylish, comfortable, and designed with taller individuals in mind. Crafted from high-quality materials, these hoodies offer a perfect fit for tall men, ensuring both style and comfort. With a range of colors and styles, American Talls hoodies are a versatile addition to any wardrobe, catering to the unique needs of taller customers with fashion-forward designs.

Hoodies price range: $55 – $69 USD

Navas Lab hoodies are the pinnacle of sustainable and performance-driven fashion. Made from eco-friendly materials, these hoodies seamlessly blend style and functionality. Navas Lab prioritizes durability and comfort, crafting each hoodie with precision. Their innovative designs cater to active individuals, offering moisture-wicking, breathability, and mobility. Elevate your athletic and sustainable fashion game with Navas Lab’s exceptional hoodie collection.

Hoodies price range: $124 – $192

4. TallSlim Tees

TallSlim Tees makes clothing for slim and tall guys. Their hoodies are priced well, which makes them a good purchase for a standard hoodie.

Hoodies price range: $50 – $59 USD

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