Last updated: April 25, 2024

Hey! My name is Tall Paul standing at 6’7 224lbs. And I am the leading Tall Men’s fashion expert globally.

To help with any confusion, Tall Men and Big & Tall Men are not equal. What I am going to be sharing with you is the best clothing brands for Tall Men.

Tall Men: Someone who is 6’3 (190cm) or taller but not “big.” Instead, we may be called lean, slender, skinny, fit, or slight. The most significant difference in clothing between Tall Men and Big & Tall is that as the clothes get longer, they do not get wider for us Tall Men.

best clothing brands for tall guys

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Best Clothing Brands For Tall Guys

I am Tall Paul and I am 6’7 (201cm) and weigh 220lbs (100kgs). My height puts me smack dab in the middle of the range of tall men’s clothing. My build is athletic lean, which also fits the middle width range in most tall men-specific clothing.

I have spent the last years finding clothing brands that not only make clothing that fits tall men, but creates quality clothing that we can wear knowing it will last longer than a few washes.

I will share all the brands I have found and reviewed that work for my size. After that, I will share with you some other popular brands I have heard about that make tall men’s clothing but have not been able to wear and review yet.

If you want a specific piece of clothing made for tall men, these links below will take you to every piece I have reviewed.

Tall Men's Fashion Community

Short people need not apply

1. American Tall

this is a photo of tall paul wearing the Best Clothing Brands For Tall guys american tall
Everything I am wearing is from American Tall (minus the New Balance 550s)

American Tall is the first Tall Men clothing brand to break through. They make clothes for men from 6’3 to 7’1. Unlike the majority of Tall Men’s brands, it has created a business plan with a marketing and growth budget, which has clearly shown up in the vast array of products it has made available for us.

American Tall makes clothes for both men and women while adding a semi-tall line to their production. This new line includes men as tall as 6’0 to find clothes with them.

I have American Tall in this position because of the amount of clothing available to purchase. You can get everything from jeans to golf polos and scrubs for nurses. 

While American Tall is a versatile and affordable clothing line for the Tall community, it’s important to note its limitations. As the saying goes, ‘Jack of all trades is a master of none,’ and this rings true for American Tall. It may not offer the highest quality or the most stylish pieces, but it can certainly meet your everyday shopping needs. 

American Tall has done a great job in getting the basics down and out to us, you will see that I have used their jeans in my staple wardrobe.

My three favorite pieces American Tall

2. Son Of A Tailor

this is a photo of Tall Paul wearing best clothing brands for tall guys son of a tailor

Son Of A Tailor is an online made-to-measure clothing brand from Copenhagen, Denmark. Now, this doesn’t make them a Tall Men’s clothing brand. However, the online measurement system they use can take our longer measurements and create pieces that fit us.

Unlike other systems I have tried, my system does not go wonky when the measurements I give them are outside the normal zone.

If or perhaps when Son Of A Tailor expands its online ordering system to create pants as well, it will easily move to the number one position on this list. 

The quality of every single piece they ship out is outstanding. The whole feel of their line works well together, from the choices of colors to tops you can pair together on different occasions. 

Honestly, we all complain about not finding shirts that fit properly. With Son Of A Tailor, you get a tailor-made shirt every time you make an order for way cheaper than it would cost to walk into a tailor’s shop.

They also ship for free worldwide, and if the first order you get isn’t 100% correct, they will take the measurements needed to fix it and send you a replacement for no cost. 

You will find a handful of their shirts in my staple wardrobe.

My three favorite pieces Son Of A Tailor

this is a photo of tall paul wearing Best Clothing Brands For Tall guys navas lab
The Sweater and T-shirt are from Navas Lab

Navas Lab is a Tall Men-only clothing brand that makes clothes for Tall and lean men. The brand is based in Canada, where it keeps the full production line. 

They keep the entire process in the country, from fabric to garment tailoring, which is a big reason why their products cost what they cost. 

By staying in the country, they have gotten a good source of high-quality fabric. The clothes that I have worn have not only lasted through sweat and stress, but they feel like they will last 3 to 5 years easily, making the price per wear well worth the up-front cost.

I come from Vancouver, where Navas is based. The brand’s core aesthetic is made for the daily active client who gets outside often. The feel of the line is peak Vancouverite.

Using layers upon layers to get through a typical day in the wet, cloudy, and sometimes sunny Pacific Northwest environment. 

The entire Navas Lab line doesn’t speak to me. A few of the cuts are too loose for my comfort and are inconsistent aesthetically. However, they have a handful of pieces that are way above their pay grade in quality and style (and as I mentioned before, their pay grade is pretty steep here).

You can find two of those pieces in my staple wardrobe for tall men.

My three favorite pieces Navas Lab

4. MediumTall

best clothing brands for tall men mediumtall
Both t-shirts & linen pants on the right are MediumTall

MediumTall is a purely Tall Men’s line out of Norway. I love what the two owners of this line are doing by using the stylish Scandinavian aesthetic to create clothes that fit tall men. 

They are a fairly new brand on the scene, but if they keep up this pace, they will be one of the best brands.

The entire line MediumTall has put together makes sense, and pieces are easily paired with other garments. This allows you to keep a wardrobe with the least amount of clutter possible if you choose to mainly buy from them.

The fabric is high-quality, the stitching is top-notch, and the overall look is a style that makes you want to stand out so people can admire it.

The one issue I have with MediumTall is that they are pretty much just that—medium tall. Their tallest t-shirt size is 210cm, around 6’8/6’9. And they have a handful of products that are only made for guys up to 205cm / 6’7.

Hopefully, in time, they will safely expand the line to fit those of us at the top end of 6 feet and into 7. 

My three favourite pieces MediumTall

5. Plus Two Clothing

this is a photo of tall paul wearing the best clothing brands for tall guys plus 2 clothing
The Hoodie and T-shirt are from Plus 2

Plus Two Clothing is another Tall Men-specific clothing brand from Australia. And when I say Tall Men, I mean it! These guys have put together the longest torso clothing line I have seen.

The overall quality of the clothes plus cut and taper is a strong area of the Plus Two clothing brand. They also come at a very cheap price point, which can help offset the high shipping costs to anywhere outside of Australia. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free shipping.

The brand’s overall look and aesthetic separate it from the brands above. I would have loved this brand when I was in high school. 

All of the shirts, from flannels to T-shirts, are super long. But that’s also the problem. They are super long. I don’t want to be that man walking around with my T-shirt covering my bum, the hem touching my hamstrings. 

I know there are many men whose style fits Plus 2’s, and teens worldwide need to get on board. However, as a grown man, I would wear only a couple of pieces here and there these days. 

If this is your style, the brand is a blessing. The quality of the product is fantastic for the price. 

My three favorite pieces Plus Two Clothing

6. Proper Cloth

best clothing brands for tall guys proper cloth
The pants and shirt are from Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is another online made-to-measure clothing brand, not a Tall Men’s specific line. However, it is based in New York and has created quite a brand for itself.

The system they use to make your clothes is fairly intricate, giving you a few options on how to find your perfect fit. Plus, depending on the fabric you choose, the order to receive the product may be months. But when they arrive, you know you have high-quality products in your hands. 

I have only tried two of their pieces, which I enjoy, but I don’t want to base a whole brand on such a small number of garments worn. So, I’ll build this out in time as I add more to my reviewed list.

7. Kronstadt

Kronstadt is a Danish-based clothing brand. With my Danish heritage, I have known for a long time that Scandinavian countries have a taller population overall that is leaner than North Americans.

Due to this, Kronstadt sizing is overall longer and slimmer than anything we are used to. These clothes are ‘normal’ and off the rack, ready for us tall guys to pick up!

8. Tall Slim Tees

Tall Slim Tees is a Tall Men specific clothing brand. It only makes clothes for us tall men.

I have worn one piece of clothing from Tall Slim Tees. It is their long sleeve dual blend henley. Because of this I do not have enough info on the quality of work they do to pass judgment.

Other Brands That Make Clothes For Tall Guys

These are other clothing brands that you may know well, becuase they make clothes for ‘normal’ sized people as well. Also there a few Big and Tall brands that are making skinnier pieces of clothing as well.

Here is a list of clothing brands that you can find clothes that could fit your long and tall body.

  • Johnny Bigg
  • Banana Republic
  • Lands End
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tommy Bahama
  • King Size Direct
  • ASOS
  • Lululemon
  • Mr Big & Tall