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American Tall Wearever Fleece Jogger Review

American Tall Wearever Fleece Jogger Review

This article will cover everything you need to know about the American Tall Wearever Fleece Jogger. American Tall makes clothing for the tall community, with men sizing from 6’3 – 7’1 and women sizing from 5’9 – 6’6.

The Wearever Fleece Jogger is your perfect fall/winter pant that you can wear at home or out with friends for any occasion. With 80% cotton / 20% polyester, these joggers are warm and comfy with a nice taper down to the ribbed cuffs.

With 615 product reviews and 544 of them being 5 Star reviews, it’s apparent that I’m not the only one thinking this is a great all-round jogger.

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Short people need not apply

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Cost: $55 USD / $73 CAD

Tall Paul’s Rating: 4.5/5


Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

This is a photo of Tall Paul in his american tall joggers

Tall Paul's Take on the Weareever Fleece Jogger

I am a sucker for any piece of thick, soft and warm clothing. I’m not sure if it’s due to my height and long limbs, but I get cold quickly. The first time I put my hands on these joggers, I knew I would like them. 

The cut of these joggers makes me think of a 50/50 split with a sweatpant. 

The butt/crotch and upper legs have enough room, so it’s comfortable to lounge around on my couch and squat down. But as the leg extends, they have a perfect taper for that jogger touch. 

And I am a fan of the two-inch flat rubbed cuff, which lets me vary the height of how they sit on my ankle depending on the look I am going for. 

One thing that stood out me that was missing, is the lack of back pocket. It’s not an always used pocket, but it’s still nice to have the option.

Lastly, the waistband has a strong elastic band and an aesthetically pleasing drawstring. I am wearing the LT size, and with my 36 inch waist, the elastic waistband sits very comfortably on my hips. If I were to tie the drawstrings, it would be purely for the look.

My dimensions are:

Height: 6’7 / 200cm
Weight: 220lbs / 100kg
Jogger size: L Tall (LT)


  • Long leg length
  • Big pockets that fit large hands and phone easily
  • Thick and durable feel
  • Pre-washed


  • No back pocket
This is a photo of the tag in the american tall wearever fleece grey mix joggers
This is the tag inside the Wearever Fleece Joggers
This is a photo of the drawstring in the american tall wearever fleece grey mix joggers
These are the drawstrings on the Wearever Fleece Joggers

American Tall has many different styles of joggers. Dive into each review to see how each jogger is unique to your lifestyle needs.

Wearever Fleece Jogger Colours

The Wearever Fleece Jogger comes in an abundance of colour options, and it seems this jogger has the most options compared to the other styles. At the moment of this initial review, there are 8 colours. With all the colour options, you can buy a pair or two with thoughts on putting together more fashion statements to wear out.

  • Maroon
  • Khaki
  • Black
  • Charcoal Mix
  • Camo Green
  • Grey Mix
  • Navy
  • Navy Mix

Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

How to Take Care of Your Wearever Fleece Joggers

The American Tall fabric and care section say that the Wearever Fleece Jogger are pre-washed for shrinkage control. And should be machine-washed cold and put into the dryer using the tumble dry low.

These washing and drying guidelines seem like sound advice to me; however, being a giant my whole life, I am wary of using the drying machine on new pieces of clothing. 

Washing your clothes in cold water with like coloured garments is always the smartest choice for us Tall Men.

American Tall: Fabric & Care Guide

  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Fleece
  • Drawstring waist with embossed ends
  • Side slash pockets
  • Knee panels
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Pre-washed and shrinkage controlled 
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Tumble dry low, low heat iron if needed
  • Do not bleach 
My Care Tips

When it comes to drying, using tumble dry low is your safest play if you choose to use the dryer. 

Instead of drying your joggers in the drying machine, you can dry your clothes using fresh air and sunlight.

How to Style Your Wearever Fleece Joggers

This is a photo of Tall Paul wearing American Tall Wearever Fleece Joggers grey mix with New Balance runners and a Vancouver Grizzlies sweatshirt
This is a photo of Tall Paul wearing American Tall Wearever Fleece Joggers marroon with New Balance runners and a Vancouver Grizzlies sweatshirt

You will have no problem putting together a comfy yet fashionable outfit for these joggers.

When putting together my outfit, I chose to keep it simple and stick to my athletic background and comfort in wearing simple ‘casual’ clothes. With my long yet muscular frame, I can pull off more casual looks and still make them stylish.

Shoes: New Balance Fresh  Foam X Lav V2
Socks: New Balance
Joggers: Grey Mix/Marroon
Sweater: Vancouver Grizzlies Retro 

Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

For more styling tips, check out our other guides on outfitting your joggers.

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