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American Tall Regular Fit Slub Tee Review

Regular Fit Slub Tees

Fellas, the Slub Tee is a great t-shirt you can wear around home and be insanely comfortable. Yet, on the other end, the fabric and free-flowing material allows you to wear this shirt out with friends and look one step above “oh, Steve just threw on a standard t-shirt again tonight.”

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Cost: $25 USD / $35 CAD

Tall Paul’s Rating: 5/5


Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

this is a photo of tall paul wearing an american tall Regular Fit Slub Tee

Tall Paul's Take on the Regular Fit Slub Tee

Guys, if you are looking for a comfortable t-shirt that will allow you not to sweat out your armpits before the day is done, then the Slub Tee needs to be your next purchase.

Unlike other light fabric shirts I have worn, the Slub Tee still has enough density to it, so the waist doesn’t rise to an uncomfortable position as you sit down – stand up or move your arm around.

I am excited for spring to hit so I can get the most use out of this shirt. It is perfect for those mid-heat days and has more style than a plain fabric t-shirt.

I have found one area I am not a fan of (which I missed in my video): the neck.

The arms, waist and shoulders are the perfect mix between lightweight and still fitting my long body well. Yet the neck has a different feel to it, much tighter than everything else going on with the shirt.

I would not call this a product flaw; instead, it is a personal feeling of styling and comfort.

My dimensions are:

Height: 6’7 / 200cm
Weight: 220lbs / 100kg
T-Shirt size: Large Tall (LT)


  • Loose and light fabric
  • Great length


  • Tight neck

American Tall has many different styles of t-shirts. Dive into each review to see how each t-shirt is unique to your lifestyle needs.

This is a photo of tall paul wearing a white regular fit slub tee
White Slub Tee & Carman Tapered Jeans
This is a photo of tall paul wearing a black regular fit slub tee
Black Slub Tee & J1 Straight Leg Jeans

Regular Fit Slub Tee Colours

The Regular Fit Slub Tee comes in 11 colours.

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Ecru White
  • Navy
  • Slate
  • Dark Teal
  • Eucalyptus
  • Port
  • Pine Tree
  • Lavender
  • Cherry Brown

Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

How to Take Care of Your Regular Fit Slub Tee

American Tall’s fabric and care section say that the Regular Fit Slub Tee should be machine-washed cold with like colours and put into the dryer using the tumble dry low.

These washing and drying guidelines seem like sound advice to me; however, being a giant my whole life, I am wary of using the drying machine on new pieces of clothing. 

I advise you to wash your Regular Fit Slub Tee with like-coloured garments. Then hang them up to dry.

Regular Fit Slub Tee: Fabric & Care Guide

  • 100% cotton
  • Slub jersey knit
  • Pre-washed and shrinkage controlled
  • Self-fabric neck binding
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Tumble dry low, low heat iron
  • Do not bleach
My Care Tips for Regular Fit Slub Tee

When it comes to drying, using tumble dry low is your safest play if you choose to use the dryer. 

Instead of drying your t-shirt in the drying machine, you can dry your clothes using fresh air and sunlight.

How to Style Your Regular Fit Slub Tee

The Slub Tee works with skinny jeans, tapered mid-cuts and straight-legged, baggier jeans. When wearing this t-shirt, you can’t go wrong with the clothes you match it with.

Personally, I would not use this shirt when im layering my tops because of the different fabric. As a tall guy, I often wear plain, boring old T-shirts!

So when I finally put something a little different on, I want the world to see it.

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Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

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