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American Tall Carman Tapered Jeans Review

american tall american tall carman tapered jeans

The Carman Tapered Jeans are the perfect everyday jeans for us tall guys. They fit comfortably (not too snug) and come in 19 colours, giving you many choices in finding that perfect look.

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Short people need not apply

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Cost: $89 USD / $121 CAD

Tall Paul’s Rating: 5/5


Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

tall paul wearing carman tapered jeans american tall

Tall Paul's Take on the Carman Tapered Jeans

I have been wearing the Carman Tapered Jeans in True Black daily for over a year now. Before jumping deep into reviewing American Tall I had these jeans in my closet.

The Carman Tapered Jeans have done everything I have asked of them. They have taken me across the world, from sitting comfortably on scooters in Bali, Indonesia, to walking along the Bosphorous in Istanbul, Turkey.

The cut of the Carman makes it easy to pair with various styles of shoes or boots. At the same time, it handles slim-fit t-shirts with as much ease as a baggy tee.

I have also chosen these jeans as the perfect pair of jeans for building your wardrobe cost effectively

My dimensions are:

Height: 6’7 / 200cm
Weight: 220lbs / 100kg
Jean size: 36×36


  • Long leg & inseam
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Great taper


  • Non
This is a photo of the carman jeans crotch
Crotch & Front Pockets
this is a photo of the carman jeans back pocket
Butt & Back Pockets

Carman Tapered Jeans Colours

The Carman Tapered Jeans come in 19 colours.

  • Blue Onyx
  • Blue Steel
  • California Blue
  • Classic Blue
  • Classic Mid Blue
  • Classic Coastal Blue
  • Concrete Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Desert Sand
  • Grey Denim
  • Heritage Indigo
  • New Fade
  • Olive Green Wash
  • Signature Fade
  • True Black
  • Vintage Faded Blue
  • Washed Faded Black
  • Worn Blue

Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

How to Take Care of Your Carman Tapered Jeans

American Tall’s fabric and care section say that the Carman Tapered Jeans should be machine-washed cold with like colours and put into the dryer using the tumble dry low.

These washing and drying guidelines seem like sound advice to me; however, being a giant my whole life, I am wary of using the drying machine on new pieces of clothing. 

I advise you to wash your Carman Tapered Jeans inside out in cold water with like-coloured garments. Then hang them up to dry.

Carman Tapered Jeans: Fabric & Care Guide

  • 99.2% cotton, 0.8% spandex
  • 11.5 oz. denim
  • Pre-washed and shrinkage controlled
  • Traditional five-pocket style
  • Black leather patch on the back waistband
  • Line rivets with debossing
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Tumble dry, low heat iron
  • Do not bleach

My Care Tips for Carman Tapered Jeans

When it comes to drying, using tumble dry low is your safest play if you choose to use the dryer. 

Instead of drying your joggers in the drying machine, you can dry your clothes using fresh air and sunlight.

How to Style Your Carman Tapered Jeans

The everyday versatility of the Carman Tapered Jeans allows you to get as creative with your clothing styles or as simple as you want. I have found that a properly fitting white/black t-shirt with my Carmans and a clean pair of sneakers will leave me feeling confident in any situation.

Sometimes style can come from the most straightforward looks in your closet.

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Discount Code: TALLPAUL10

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